From Chairman's Desk

From Chairperson's Desk

Dear Stakeholders

A school shapes life, anchor's identity, influences beliefs and creates a personality.

Mount Abu School has always endeavoured to make learners spirited, vibrant and empowers them to learn to reflect on community needs.

They are given a voice and a choice that helps them to understand that there are no limits to what is possible and that all doors are open to them, now and in the future.

The school delivers a pioneering, innovative, and dynamic learning experience within a compassionate and caring environment whereby wellbeing and happiness of every individual and the fulfilment of their potential is our priority.

Intellectual ability, dedication and academic achievement are keys to success, but equally important are emotional intelligence and integrity, these qualities are in abundance in the pupils at our school.

We were thrilled to be considered as one of the best educational institutes across the globe and are commended for the ‘remarkable upward journey’ but what I as the head is pleased the most with is to develop a culture of kindness among our global citizens that underpins everything we do here. We have always believed that children must believe in themselves and must excel in their own individual way.

The school envisions to nurture skills and confidence among its learners to groom them as an individual of distinction and the one with a strong sense of identity, ready to tackle the 21st  century world in which they’ll play a part, and crucially, secure in the knowledge that will make delightful school memories along the way.

With all best wishes

Shakuntla Kumari