Mount Abu Junior School follows the vision and mission of the school and strives hard to develop passionate individuals with a strong desire of commitment and devotion. , we constantly and tenderly provide an active environment for learning through a collaborative and balanced approach and internationalism in the curriculum. In wake of the present technologically driven world of education , Mount Abu Junior has discovered a deep insight of child’s psyche, researched on modern innovative ways before actually implementing the ideas.. We firmly believe that being knowledgeable is not sufficient. ,a child with the right foundation and best of values and ethics can face any challenge, acquire any skill, achieve his/her potential, and become an individual with perfect attributes .We at Mount Abu Junior recognize that each child is unique in his existence and requires a typical approach for his growth To make every child realize and respect his own self ,the school has

  • Plethora of learning activities, songs and art projects ,pretend play etc to make learning a fun in stimulating environment

  • Language development activities are included to build confidence, develop personality and communication skills Stage exposure with carefully chosen themes help children not only learn basic etiquettes but also enhance their skills

  • Dramatic Play, Construction & Design and Creativity Art Incorporates hundreds of new ideas that help the children enhance their efficiency as well as interest

  • Portfolios are the indicators of child’s development throughout the year and helps to know him better better

  • Various activities promote social, emotional, cognitive, verbal, and creative development and help them to be proactive

  • Regular connect with parent community helps build a stronger relationship
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