Safety Club

Safety is the state of being protected, out of danger and secured.

All safety measures are directed to the children to keep them safe and secured. For example safety from harm, bullying, fire, road safety, good touch bad touch, playground safety etc.

To ensure a safe and conducive environment in school, this club sensitizes the children about the Do’s and Don’ts along with the safety rules through various activities like Rallies, Nukkad Nataks, Posters and Slogan Writings etc.

The aim is not just to ensure safety in school but also beyond the school premises to avoid any untoward happening.

Happiness Club

To create more happiness in the world and spread positivity around amongst the children This happiness club presents various programs to inculcate exercising, appreciation, flexibility, acceptance and satisfaction in their well being.

Every month this club organizes three activities like Musical Chair, Yoga, Magic Show , Fun on Swings etc.

The aim is to create a happier society through the smiles of young mapians in all aspects of life.

Mom’s Club

Mom’s club of MAPS provides support to mothers and groom them with regard to upbringing of their children. We understand the challenges and joys that motherhood brings and enable mothers to understand the physical, social, emotional and cognitive growth of the child . Mom’s club offers plenty of opportunities to make new friends and socialize with other mothers and share their interests.

Our activity calendar comprises of diverse events to provide the chance for mothers to enjoy the activities like Udaan coloring competition and, Dramatics etc.

We also have theme-based workshops wherein Renowned Resource Persons enrich all with their motivational talks.

Eco Club

“Think Green .. Go Green.. Stay Green” is the motto of Eco club to create awareness about the conservation and preservation of environment amongst the students.

Eco club is an endeavor to inculcate environment friendly habits in children by promoting activities which help them understand the importance of clean, green and healthy environment. To name a few, Nature Walk , Tree Plantation, Poster Making, Dramatics, Nukkad Natak are regular features of this club. It is a conscientious effort to foster love for nature and inspire children to spread awareness amongst their family members and peers about preserving mother Earth by doing their bit

Health Club

We at MAPS believe that the greatest gift one can give to family and the world is a “Healthy You”. .. Good health and good sense are two of life's greatest blessings. .

Health Club is yet another initiative to provide a holistic teaching and learning environment for nurturing a balanced growth to promote healthy lifestyles through health education and campaigns.

Our facilitators here leave no stone unturned to impart health care into the kids through various activities like Healthy Cooking Without fire, Role Plays and Story Dramatization on health and hygiene.

Regular health checkups, participation in all the initiatives proposed by CBSE ( Safe and Nutritious Food ) , Ccimate related awareness (Dengue, Cold and Flu etc) are formulated by this club to ensure and inculcate a healthy lifestyle.

Sports Club

Sports Club at MAPS works with an aim to increase the self-esteem, mental alertness and teach soft skills like teamwork, leadership and patience .

Physical fitness activities are not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, they are the basics of dynamic and creative intellectual learning.

It is a camaraderie of fun filled races, musical chair, tug of war, Taekwondo, Basketball etc. to help contribute in overall development of a child .