Vision & Mission


The school's Vision of “21st Century: Redefining the Future” aims to build “Together a community of Future ready Global Citizens”


The school empowers the learners to understand the interconnectedness of the world and provides opportunities to actively participate in making it a better place. The vision endorses multidimensional approach and stimulates holistic approach that embraces sustainability, fosters diversity and inclusivity, prioritizes education and lifelong learning, and encourages innovation and entrepreneurship. To build a community of such citizens, the school provides opportunities to develop critical thinking, problem-solving, and cross-cultural communication. It encourages curiosity and promotes desire to learn about the world beyond one's immediate surroundings. The school fosters intercultural communication through exchange programs for students and professionals, collaborative projects and conducts engagements that bring together people from diverse backgrounds. Promoting empathy and understanding empowers learners to see the world through different perspectives The school's vision recognizes the importance of individual actions and choices in creating a more just and sustainable world and hence fosters ethical consumption, reduces environmental impact, and supports causes that aligns with its values.

Core Values

Core values play a crucial role in shaping the culture and environment of a school. Mount Abu School focuses on core values of Cognitive Development that emphasis on the science of knowing and the art of learning by providing quality education that helps learners achieve success and reach their full potential. Imbibing 21st Century Skills is yet another core value of the school that provides a framework for success in life. The skills include communication, collaboration, creativity, critical thinking to help learners succeed in diverse and interconnected world. The school dedicatedly commits itself to Excellence in all we do and all we are and opens up a world of opportunity thus promoting a love of learning that extends beyond the classroom and into the rest of their learners' lives. The school enthusiastically encourages Global Citizenship by working together for a sustainable future that encourages them to take ownership of their actions, learning, and future.

International Baccalaureate Primary Year Programme

Mount Abu School is the first North Delhi's School to introduce International Baccalaureate Primary Year Programme and is in Candidacy Phase. The PYP curriculum has an international perspective where the diversity of student's experiences and backgrounds is welcomed and celebrated. As a PYP school, Mount Abu School strives towards developing an internationally minded individual who demonstrates the attributes of the Learner Profile, which represent the qualities of a life-long learner.