Career & Guidance Centre


Career and Guidance Cell at the school is a unique platform to cater to the career information and guidance to students to enhance their individual competencies and let them realize their own caliber  and aptitude. 

The Centre serves the students from 8 to 12 to  Individual counseling and gives diverse opportunities for self exploration and management of career related issues. Apart from the regular sessions with the students  ,the counselor arranges sessions with parents as to how they can  better  partner and contribute to their child’s choices for future as they occupy a major role in the growth of their children.

The Guidance cell acts as a window to the world of opportunities world around, including India and abroad. It is especially designed to give exposure to different universities  and help in Interview preparation and application  process. 

It is, in fact,a centre that grooms the students for the best of their career graphs and let them shine with their entire luminosity of greater dedication and sincerity.



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