Vision & Mission

Passionate urge for excellence at par.

Mission :

To develop in our students the zeal to utilize their potential to the maximum as well as a mindset for excellence and nurture them to be a responsible and caring citizen.

We believe that our mission can be achieved through a passion for well rounded education with a pursuit of excellence in academic knowledge, skills and behaviour that will develop moral, physical, social and aesthetic aspects of each child upto to his inherent potential, which will lead to a mind set for excellence to emerge as global leaders in their respective fields.

Aims and Objectives

To inculcate the ethics for sustainability in its true sense.

To assist in “ National Reconstruction” by raising the standard of living of the people for the globalized world.

To train the young brigade of the country to be good citizens and competent enough to play their part effectively in the social and economic development.

To improve practical and vocational efficiency of the students by developing scientific attitude to think objectively.

To imbibe the spirit of Social and National Integration and develop social, moral and spiritual values among the students.

To develop in our students, a positive attitude, self-esteem, confidence and instill innovative skills along with respect for human values and cultural ethos.

To develop a mindset for continuous improvement and excellence in work and to promote a sense of discipline and imbibe a sense of responsibility and devotion to work.


MAPS, Sector – 5, Rohini, affiliated to CBSE, offers high quality co-education to students from Pre School to Grade 12 with English as the medium of instruction. The curriculum design permits wide scope for children to explore their interest and to promote creativity, curiosity, determination and independence self reliance, tolerance and team work are a part of their learning experience. We strongly believe that this will enable them to excel in the 21st century. The curriculum tries to address the individuality of students and does not confine itself to academics, sports and activities only.

The academic programme

Classes are offered from Pre School to standard 12.
Our academic programme is unique in its consistency, thoroughness and creativity.
Children's academic, emotional and physical development are the underlying principles of our programme

At school, during the developmental stages, concepts are first introduced to the child through stories and images and using the smart audio-visual class programme. The academic programme at each level is linked to themes of study.

Though there are text books at every level, reliance is not on text books alone, subjects of study are integrated with visual modules. Children are given adequate practice in concepts through various activity sheets, practice/mock sheets and skill builder sheets which reinforce the concepts learnt at school. Assignments are graded periodically to grade the level of achievement and programme made in learning by the child.

Smart Class – Visual modules

The school is equipped with smart class rooms that enables the child to visualize the concepts studied. Children understand the concept better using the visuals in the class room. This way the interest of the child is also sustained in the class room.

Pre School – Pre Primary

Entering kindergarten is an exciting experience for children. It's their first big step into formal education. Pre School, Pre Primary level in the school sets the tone for the entire schooling years of the child. The special designed block for these level classes offers a unique way of learning to support and enhance their creativity, discovery and exploration.

The Junior Wing (Grades I to V)

The objective of the academic programme at this level is to help every child appreciate and understand as much as he / she can of the human achievements in the natural sciences, social sciences, humanities and the different forms of arts. The focus is on preparation of every child to face the world of rapid change, to ensure maximum growth of each learner

The curriculum has been exclusively framed to enable every child to acquire the basic skills of learning and mastery over them. High academic levels are maintained right from the lower classes to face the challenges of the outside world confidently and competitively. The most attractive feature of the curriculum at this level is the absence of exams upto class V, thus making learning full of fun. Children are assessed and graded with continuous evaluation.

The Middle School programme Grades VI to VIII

The programme at middle school is a preparatory programme for the secondary level learning. Learning from this level onwards focuses on exploration and is inter-disciplinary approach. Importance is stressed on independent learning and developing these skills in the learner apart from emphasis on project based learning linked with the studies of science and social sciences.

The Secondary School Grade IX & X

The smooth transition from childhood to adolescence is facilitated by comprehensive, value & education. Students are mentored to follow the particular scheme of study and assessment as described by the new scheme of CCE by CBSE. At the completion of the secondary school, students are provided a comprehensive evaluation card. The card is an assessment of their conduct, outlook and overall performance in sports and co-curricular activities.

The Senior Secondary School Grades XI & XII

Students in the Sr. Secondary School become more focused towards their career choices. The academic focus at this level is to equip students for research and project based education with an opportunity to exhibit their leadership qualities and emerge as responsible world citizen.

The choice of a career is one of the most important decisions in one's life. Workshops, seminars on career counselling and guidance are organised to enable our students confront the many challenges that the future holds..

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