Eco Green

The school has put dedicated efforts to spread the awareness about environment conservation and sustainable developmental issues among the school students and the community. The novel projects undertaken by the school instill among the young learners the passion of going green in every act that they do.

  • CLUBS — The school has established diverse clubs such as Eco Club, Heritage Club, etc. to create awareness and behavioral changes among students to save our environment. Innumerable activities such as, sapling plantation , poster making , street play , slogan making, workshops etc. are conducted regularly to keep students updated and make them aware about the threats faced by environment.

  • ORGANIC FARMING — to protect the environment at behest of soil productivity, the students gather crop residues like peels of vegetables and fruits, unused leafs, animal manure ,off farm organic wastes etc for enhancing soil productivity and to supply plant nutrients .They grow various vegetables like spinach ,mustard etc using the chemical free waste in the school garden thus taking a stride for healthy soil.


  • HERBAL GARDEN — In an effort to disseminate the eco friendly approach and to pass the message among the masses , the school has set up a Herbal Garden thus awakening the students about the importance of herbs and their products in our busy life.

    Today the use of herbs in treating day to day ailments has gained eminence worldwide . Moreover the faith in the Herbal system of medicine has become more profound, the use of these medicines has come to be identified as more of therapeutic value as compared to the other system of medicines. The school has also set up its business of Herbs N Cures to promote the benefits of Herbs all across. Plants like Aloe Vera, Metel, Mimosa Pudina are available in the school Herbal Garden. Time to Time students also take a close look at these herbs from the garden are versatile and many uses

  • VERMI COMPOST — The school has a well maintained vermin compost pit .It is one of the brilliant way of changing the wasteful to waste free. A vermin-compost pit is dug in the school premises whereby the bottom of the ring is covered with polythene sheet and a layer of organic waste is put on the top of the sheet. The water is sprinkled regularly to maintain adequate moisture and body temperature of the worms. The worms are used again for preparation of more vermin compost while the natural manure is used in garden for the plants. Hence, through a small effort there is a productive utilization of organic waste material and soil as well as environment pollution is also controlled.

  • RAIN WATER HARVESTING — The school remains committed to conserve the generated surface runoff water from going waste, by way of collecting it. It aims to meet the objectives of rain water harvesting viz. increase the availability of ground water during periods of requirement, enhance sustainable yield of aquifers, improve quality of ground water through dilution, arrest declining trends of water levels, prevent depletion of ground water reservoirs, decrease menace of floods on local and regional scale etc.

  • PAPER RECYCLING MACHINE — The school has installed paper recycling machine and is continuously making its effort to produce new paper to be used from nothing else but just the thrown out waste of offices, houses and schools i.e. paper. The most obvious reason for us to go with recycling of paper is to save trees which are cut indiscriminately just to produce few pieces of papers forgetting that these trees are the only source which provide vital oxygen for the planet in the absence of which nothing will remain in life.

    All these steps and procedures are carried out by the students under the vigilance of eco club members. The efforts of the students seem worth while when we see our children in the school using those remade papers for carrying out their various craft activities. Paper bags made of such recycled paper were distributed among the common masses that marked the first step of our eco club in this direction of saving paper and thus ensuring healthy environment

  • TRANSPORTATION — School buses are the primary vehicle used for student’s transport. Acknowledging the fact that one of the greatest threat posed by the nature and environment is pollution, the school boosts of having a fleet of CNG buses. The buses run on a green fuel. CNG is a great blessing for the environment and the school utilizes it as a fuel in an effort to protect environment from the he very vulnerable and extremely precious air pollution.

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