Grade I IB PYP Young Inquirers enthusiastically engaged in puzzle-solving and subsequently crafted a vibrant "Noun Town" on chart paper. This initiative exemplified their development of the learner profile attributes, particularly inquirer and communicator. By solving puzzles, these young minds grasped the fundamental concept that nouns encompass everything with a name. This activity nurtured critical thinking, creativity, and linguistic skills, fostering a holistic learning experience for the students.



Grade 2 students enthusiastically participated in a number bond activity using dice. This interactive exercise encouraged them to roll the dice and form number bonds, fostering a deeper understanding of addition and subtraction concepts while making learning engaging and fun.



In a delightful subtraction activity, Grade 1 IB PYP learners brought mathematics to life by converting a ten frame into a vibrant parking lot for their toy cars. As these young minds embarked on the challenge of allocating parking spaces, the concept of subtraction unfolded in a playful and engaging manner. The hands-on experience not only solidified their understanding of subtraction but also honed critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Through the fusion of play and learning, Grade 1 learners created a dynamic environment where mathematical exploration became an exciting adventure, leaving an indelible mark on their foundational understanding of numbers. 



In celebration of World Food Day on October 16, 2023, Grade 2 learners  organized a global potluck, highlighting the cuisines of India, China, Mexico, and Italy. Learners represented each country with authentic dishes. A potluck allowed everyone to savor diverse flavors from around the world. The Grade 2 global potluck was a fun and educational way to celebrate World Food Day, promoting cultural diversity and understanding among young learners.



The friendship between India and Japan has a long history rooted in spiritual affinity and strong cultural and civilizational ties. To let our PYP Grade II learners appreciate the bond, an activity named 'My Creation: Indo- Japan Nation' has been conducted. The activity apprised our learners of the importance of relying on our neighbours not just in our immediate environment but also beyond the boundaries.



Peace starts within and radiates out into society. Happy International Day of Peace. Global citizens of IB PYP 2 Learners took the pledge on international peace day and made badges also. They also reflected their understanding on what peace means to them.



“Plans are nothing, planning is everything.”
Today our grade 2 learners planned out  a birthday party in groups and they also made a invitation card for the same. They showed their creativity and the engagement enhanced their creative and thinking skills.



Learners showcasing voice, choice and ownership of their own learning and actions.



Mount Abu Public School believes in taking its learners beyond the high sky. Learner's profile has given this awesome opportunity to them in thinking out of the box independently and show casing their understanding about one's own special attributes out of 10 attributes (Thinkers, Inquirers, Communicators, Knowledgeable, Principled, Balanced, Risk takers, Open minded, Reflective, Caring). This was an amazing moment for all learners.



“Carefulness costs you nothing. Carelessness may cost you your life.” –

Green peas are not just tasty , they come with several health benefits too. As healthy as green peas are ,they can sometimes be adulterated with artificial colour. So in order to create  awareness about food safety, Students of grade 3 did a simple test where they  learnt about the  adulteration with artificial colour on green peas in which they were  asked  general questions in order to increase their participation by creating interest and curiosity on 19th February 2022 . Teacher shown them a video related  to it  and students  performed  a simple test  to check if the green peas they are consuming are adulterated with artificial colour or not . Through this test students  were able to differentiate between the adulterated and pure green peas .They will also be able to spread awareness about food  adulteration among the parents and in their locality.



The students of Mount Abu Public school participated in Literacy week with an array of activities on 8th September 2021. Literacy week is celebrated each year to ignite and fuel new interest in reading, creative writing among the students. Students of Grade  IV participated in the activity "Visual Tales" in which they created a comic strip of the story  "The Tiger ,the Holy man and the Jackal"  by using various elements of story like bubbles, clouds ,visual graphic etc. Students of Grade V created " Story Umbrella" in which they choose a story of their choice and depicted the storyline of the same on the umbrella by pasting pictures, images ,etc. The activities were turned out to be an extremely engaging experience mixing learning with fun for the children.



To Nourish is to Flourish

To promote the idea of Healthy Eating among Primary student, Mount Abu Public School celebrated National Nutrition Week  a step towards Sustainable India@ 75 from 1st September to 7th September by organizing plethora of online activities  to aware the future bearers about the need for adaptive healthy eating habits.  National Nutrition Week was celebrated  with  the theme, “Feeding Smart Right from Start” . The message has been imparted through different activities like discussion, story telling , related videos ,Food rainbow party, Theme based platter, My Selfie Smart Food corner and many more. The week began with Taste Drive(breakfast) where students were asked to eat their break fast and fruits  as per the menu scheduled . Students of grade 1  represented themselves as one of their favourite fruit /Vegetable  to gain meaningful insights on the benefits of eating healthy and staying healthy .The young learners of grade 2 did an activity of My Nutri Basket wherein they segregated the different eatables into 3 categories namely Go , Grow and Glow .Grade 3 students a created innovative platter of fruits and vegetables of different colours and we’re apprised with the fact  that various coloured fruits and veggies  have different qualities to protect the  body from various diseases. Grade 4 set up a selfie corner under the theme My Selfie Smart Food Corner  for making others aware of what type of nutritious food should be relished by all. Young learners of grade 5 conducted an activity of My Calendarium Food  by taking first letter of the week days and pasted their cut outs on ice cream sticks along with their nutritive value. Through these activities, the students were encouraged to have  the right nutrition to help the young minds  realize that having a healthy life style would make a difference and can help them in long run .



 “Food, food,food- healthy lifestyle stays in healthy mealstyle”

Taking in mind the above said quote, the students of Primary grades of Mount Abu Public School have conducted some beautiful activities to spread awareness amongst the new generation about the significance and authenticity of in take of healthy and safe food to stay healthy physically and mentally. This was the best way for them to celebrate World Nutrition Day. Nutrition is the real essence of our lives and scarcity of which leads to malnutrition and its consequences. This has been showcased by the students of grade 4 and 5 of  Mount Abu Public School on  3rd September, 2021. It was really amazing to see the students of grade 4 who prepared different baskets having the fruits , vegetables while setting up a Selfie corner under the theme My Selfie Smart Food Plate  . They conducted the activity beautifully and tried to made others aware of that what type of nutritious food should be relished by all. Grade 5 students conducted an activity in a very different mode under the theme- My Calendarium Food by taking first letter of the week days and pasted their cut outs on ice cream sticks along with their nutritive value. It was amazing to see the students doing the activity willingly that became a mesmerizing moment.



" Normal speed meets every need. To be alert today is to be alive tomorrow."

To imbibe the understanding of road safety rules in the Primary students of Mount Abu Public School Grade 1-learners created a food platter red light for themselves. They understood the three colors of traffic light and enjoyed their favourite fruits afterwards. Grade 2-celebrated the road safety week sharing their heartfelt views of being safe while traveling on roads and with utmost care, following the traffic rules. They recited poems on road safety using props of their fav transport. To sensitize the learners of Grade 3 about road safety and rules an activity-BE A ROAD CHAMPION was conducted, where they drew zebra crossings and on each line they wrote dos and don’ts to be maintained while moving on road. They came up with the conclusion that safety first is safety always.



“Beauty comes in many shapes and sizes.”

Shapes are not only the geometrical  concept but it is everywhere and in every size. To help our Primary wing learners to know more about shapes and how they can bring beauty in real sense . Grade 1 made 3D shapes on their own using nets of cone, cuboid and cube. This session was really insightful for them as learners now had a concrete understanding of concrete shapes. The students of grade 2 and 3 were motivated to create a pattern tableau using paint/fabric colors on white t-shirt or any other table cloth or handkerchief. The students, presented their art talents extremely colourfully and brought different patterns around them on their cloth canvas.



The  little creative hands  of Class I  made paper bags with waste sheet available at their homes. The students were guided about the threats of plastic bags to the environment. They enjoyed making paper bags for themselves. The bags were decorated by the learners through stickers, drawings etc. The activity enabled the students to indulge in the habit of recycling, reusing, and reducing.



Speaking Tree activity wherein the Learners of Class I attired up like trees and narrated about the importance of trees and the life without them. The  learners shared their thoughts on taking care of the green gems of Mother Earth. The young minds displayed their creativity by dressing up like trees, holding plants, and even making head gears and showcased their gratitude toward the trees, the life givers.



In order to make students feel connected with nature and as part of the experiential learning the students of class 3 enjoyed an activity related to abacus through which they made counting fun and relevant on 20th April 2021. Students made simple leaf abacus and represented 4 digit number of their choice on nature abacus.



Class 4 students were explained the water cycle and to make the learning more interesting and experiential based 20th April 2021. Children were guided to use colours, coloured cut -outs , cotton, etc. on a paper plate and the results were so vibrant and colourful



Stories can prove to be an instrumental stepping stone for young children to develop their verbal skills and boost their confidence. Keeping this in mind, Monthly English Story Narration for class 1 was organized on 16th December, 2019. The enthusiastic participants participated in the activity actively. The eye catching props added icing to the cake. Students were judged on parameters like confidence,  voice modulation, props used and on the overall presentation. The activity inspired the children to come forward and speak with confidence.



Money is an essential commodity that helps you run your life. Exchanging goods for goods is an older practice and without any money, you cannot buy anything you wish. Money has gained its value because people are trying to save wealth for their future needs. Philosophically speaking, money cannot buy everything but practically money is the basic thing that is used for calculating the status of any person. Keeping this in mind, class 1 has conducted a toy shop in which students learnt how spend and exchange money.  They purchased different toys using artificial currency. It was a great experience for them.



Rules and regulations are the basic foundation of our lives. Seeking this in mind the students of class V celebrated today the Constitution Day which is observed on 26th November 2019. The little students designed their own constitution by listing out the rules which they should follow and the things which they should not opt in their disciplined life of a student. They were made aware of the term constitution and its significance for a democratic country like India. They were also guided to respect the guidelines given by the constitution of India. This was an enriching activity for them which they will always remember as learning by doing makes a child full of knowledge.



Community Helpers are people in professions that directly impact the lives of others. They deliver a service that makes our lives easier. It is important for all of us to know the ways in which Community Helpers work. We can also help them do their jobs better if we understand the role they play. In many ways community helpers remind us of how inter-connected our lives are. Many community helpers have easily identifiable work attire or clothes. This makes it easy to know their role in the community and is helpful if you need to approach them for help. A policeman or fire fighter’s uniform and a doctor’s coat thus become important clues of what they can do. Some community helpers also have identifiable means of transport e.g. the police car, the fire truck the mail van, the ambulance etc. Children of Class 1 had an activity in which they dressed up as Community Helpers belonging to different professions. They enacted their roles with realistic props along with appropriate words. This activity will help to instill in them respect for all professions and learn to value them better.



As part of Road Safety Activity, students of Class 1 to 4 showed their responsible attitude by writing Road Safety Rules and depicting them with beautiful pictures.
This activity helped them in learning about various rules which everyone should follow to be safe on roads. These rules not only ensure one's own safety but also the safety of other commuters on the road.



Reading through books is not the only medium of learning but fun filled activities and competitions 
enhance the learning process. Keeping this in mind an Interclass Hindi Poetry Recitation Competition"Gudgudi" was organized for the children of  Grade- 1 . These kinds of activities help the child to develop confidence, improve vocabulary and also help the students to get rid of stage fear. The children came up with different poems  and recited them with great zeal and enthusiasm.The participants from all the sections left no stone unturned to win.Students were judged on parameters like confidence, voice modulation, the props used and on the overall presentation.



Reading through books is not the only medium of learning but fun filled activities and competitions enhance the learning process. Keeping this in mind an Interclass Hindi Poetry Recitation Competition"Gudgudi" was organized for the children of  Grade- 1 . These kinds of activities help the child to develop confidence, improve vocabulary and also help the students to get rid of stage fear. The children came up with different poems  and recited them with great zeal and enthusiasm. The participants from all the sections left no stone unturned to win. Students were judged on parameters like confidence, voice modulation, the props used and on the overall presentation.


Lantern Making

"Its hard to say goodbye to beautiful things but letting go the lanterns feel so good''
To embark the celebrations of diwali students of class 3 of Mount Abu Public School performed an activity of 'Lantern Making' where they designed beautiful lanterns for the diwali decoration. These lanterns will be further exhibited in the Diwali Bazar on 25th Oct'19. organised by the school in the school premises.
Students participated with great enthusiasm and displayed their creativity in the best possible way.



A Traffic Awareness Activity was held  in school premises by the students of grade 2. They enthusiastically observed and participated in the activity which focused attention on the importance of observing traffic rules in order to prevent accidents on road. The classes incorporated the display of safe traffic rules. Poster highlighting the observance of traffic rules were displayed at strategic points to draw attention of the students towards 'Road Safety'. The students were also encouraged to reflect on how they would help in future to ensure road safety for all. They were also made aware of the newly passed Road safety Juvenile Driving Laws. It was an fruitful activity which inculcated awareness amongst students.


Single Use Plastic Hazards

To commemorate the 5th year anniversary of Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan and the 150th Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, a Slogan Writing competition on the topic- Single Use Plastic Hazards was held for class 1 to 5 in Mount Abu Public School.  The students of all the primary classes participated actively with  enthusiasm in this event. The aim was to make students aware of the hazards of single use plastics and to develop a sense of responsibility in them towards the environment.



To mark the occasion of 150th Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, an activity of Poem Recitation on the theme - Mahatma Gandhi, was conducted in classes 4 and 5. Students from the above mentioned classes actively participated with poems replete with immense love and respect for our Father of Nation. The poems summarized various inspirational anecdotes from the life of Mahatma. The life's philosophy and principles of Truth and Non-violence were also depicted through the poems. The students presented their poems on beautifully written sheets.



Students of class 1 donned their chef caps to exhibit their culinary skills in Cooking without fire. Children participated with full zeal and enthusiasm as they made some nutritious and delicious dishes.They interacted with the budding chefs to find out the ingredients of the dishes prepared  by their buddies and enjoyed sharing with their peers.The activity provided the children a platform to foster their creativity, decision making and helped them to explore the hidden talent in them.


Inter Class Fancy Dress Competition

Both Scholastic and Co-scholastic activities play an equal role in  the all round development of the child. Keeping this in mind, an Inter Class Fancy Dress Competition "My Living World"  was  conducted for the students of class 4 on 24th of July 2019. The children dressed up in the colourful costumes and showcased the culture of different states of India. They left everybody mesmerized with their performance which included the folk dance, speaking a  few lines in the regional language, presenting the famous and special food of the State they depicted and many more. The effort and hard work of the children was highly commendable. The competition proved to be a great learning experience for the students and gave them a platform to explore their hidden talents.
The following teams were declared as the winners –
Maharashtra - 1st
West Bengal-2nd
Jammu and Kashmir-3rd



Inter Class Salad Making Competition was held on 16th May 2019 of Class III . Children wore white chef caps and aprons. Students were judged on the basis of presentation,  creativity, neatness and taste. The themes of salad presentation were Russian Salad, Italian Salad, Green salad and Fruits salad. They brought beautiful menu cards also. The objective behind the competition was to inculcate healthy food habits and awareness regarding the type of salads. The participants explained the speciality of their salad and the importance of including salad in our regular diet for maintaining good health and keeping diseases at bay.


English Poem Recitation

“ Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words”  -Robert Frost

“Poem Recitation is a mode of expression, a medium to reflect the latent talents of the young ones.” Rhymes can prove to be an instrumental stepping stone for young children to develop their verbal skills and boost their confidence. Keeping this in mind English Recitation Activity for class 1 was organized on 13.05.19. The enthusiastic participants showcased their talent .The eye catching props added icing to the cake. Students were judged on parameters like confidence, content, voice modulation, the props used and on the overall presentation.  The activity inspired the children to come forward and recite  with confidence. Variety of interesting rhymes with good introduction of themselves had flown in a melody from the young ones.


Hindi Recitation Competition

“ Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words”  -Robert Frost
“Poem Recitation is a mode of expression, a medium to reflect the latent talents of the young ones.”

Rhymes can prove to be an instrumental stepping stone for young children to develop their verbal skills and boost their confidence.
Keeping this in mind, Interclass Hindi Recitation Competition for class 1 was organized on the theme ‘Ek Aawaz Prithvi ke naam’. The enthusiastic participants showcased varied ways to save the mother earth .The eye catching props added icing to the cake. Students were judged on parameters like confidence, content, voice modulation, the props used and on the overall presentation. The competition inspired the children to come forward and recite on stage. Variety of interesting rhymes with good introduction of themselves had flown in a melody from the young ones.


Inter Class Badminton Match

"Sports teaches us the value of effort and how to handle victory and as well as defeat "
Mount Abu Public School organised an inter class badminton match for classes III-V on October 22,2018 and October 23,2018 respectively. The students played with a great interest and the  air was filled with energy and enthusiasm. The students were able to learn that sports bring individuals and communities together . It was a great way for Mapians to come together and spend a day filled with fun and excitement.
Result :
Class 3
Winner : Dhruv  3C
Runner Up: Namit 3C
Winner : Ananya  3B
Runner Up: Trisha 3A

Class 4
Winner :Hardik Kapoor 4C
Runner Up: Naman Rana 4C
Winner : Ananya Pahuja 4E
Runner Up: Shika 4D

Class 5 
Winner :Naman Maini 5D
Runner Up: Pranay 5D
Winner :Niharika 5C
Runner Up: Jinal 5D


Inter Class Solo Dance Competition

Dance is a magical tale to express oneself, so to encourage the students of class 1, Inter Class Solo Dance Competition was organised on 17th October,wherein young Mapians participated with great zeal and enthusiasm.The students showcased various forms of dance . These students mesmerized the audience with their moves and expressions.Overall it was a wonderful show which helped the young learners to boost up their confidence.


Inter Class Nanhe Ustad (Hasya Kavita) Recitation Competition

Inter Class Nanhe Ustad (Hasya Kavita) recitation competition was conducted on 14th September 2018 in which students from Class 2 participated.  After auditions five best speakers from each section were selected for participation in the competition. Every students enthusiastically gave their best performance, and used props as well. The topics for the poems were wide ranging such as exams, junk food, books and fashion. The students and the audience enjoyed immensely. It was an enriching experience for everyone present.



An Inter Class Cricket Match was conducted on 16th of March 2018, among the students of Class III and IV.  All the students participated enthusiastically and played very well. Team B was declared as the winner team . Vikramaditya was adjudged as the Man of the Match ,  Ananya as the Best Batsman and Vibhav as the Best Bowler . The match provided an opportunity to the students to showcase their sportsmanship , team spirit and make them realize the importance of sports in their life. 



A Fancy-Dress Competition (TECHNO GEEK) was held on 7th November 2017 for Class I students on the topic ‘SOCIAL NETWORKING SITES’. The competition was organized as a part of Computer Week Celebration. Students depicted different social networking sites like Facebook, Whatsapp, Snapchat, Twitter etc. and spoke few lines about it. Huge participation was seen among the students and each one of them performed with great enthusiasm and confidence. The performances were praiseworthy and applaudable. Best two performers were selected from each section and awarded with certificate. The competition was organized to create awareness about social networking sites among the young learners and develop their interests in technology.


Author T-Shirt Designing

The students of Class V had Inter Class ‘Design The Author T-Shirt’ competition.  The students worked in a group and designed the T-Shirts  highlighting the life, work and interesting facts of their favourite Author.                          

1. Dorthy 
2. Divyansh Bhadrwaj 
3. Ekagra Kadian 
4. Hardik Dhakaulia 


Story Presentation

Monthly Story presentation for the month of October was held in all the sections of class 1 and 2 on 28.10.17 and 30.10.17 respectively. Every section had a different story for presentation. I-A Bad Company I-B Talkative Tortoise I-C Lion and the Mouse I-D Ant and the Grasshopper I-E Lion and the Mouse II -A The Goose with Golden Eggs II-B The Lion and the Mouse II-C The Fox and the Clever Rabbit II -D Unity is Strength II- E The lion and the clever Rabbit The purpose of having such kind of a presentation was to help students overcome stage fear, gain confidence and refine their speaking skills.Students narrated the story with great enthusiasm ,voice modulations ,facial expressions and actions.  It was a treat to see kids enjoying and having fun while narrating the story. 


Solo Dance Competition Class I

Dance is an art which not only requires a complete physical but also mental and spiritual attention. It is also a great way to experience the feeling of joy, love and success. Students of class I enjoyed this wonderful art of life during a Solo Dance Competition organized for them on 25.10.2017 (Wednesday). The participants enthralled the audience with their fabulous dance performances. One by one all the participants performed on the stage and left the spectators spell bound. Their colourful costumes added to the beauty of their performances. The competition enhanced the confidence of the participants and gave them an opportunity to explore the hidden talent in themselves..
The First Position was bagged by Angela Chawla  of 1-B
Second Position was bagged by Anya Wadhwa of 1- C and Naima Dutta of 1- A
Third Position was bagged by Ajitesh Tripathi and  Yatharth of 1-A
Best costume was received by Arna Sharma


Inter Class Fancy Dress Competition

An Inter Class Fancy Dress Competition was held on 23rd October, 2017 on Nutrients. The students of Class II performed well and infused the atmosphere with various nutrients. It was a visual treat to watch them all dressed as different food items and each one of them spoke extremely well. The loud applause proved that little Mapians succeeded in creating awareness and everyone gained insights of healthy eating and it’s benefits.


Rhyme Master Competition

Students of class I enjoyed the beauty of expressions, thoughts, feelings, rhyme and rhythm of words through Inter Class Rhyme Master Competition held on Ist September 2017. The theme of the competition was Beauty of Nature where children recited beautiful poems on seasons,life on land,clean water and sanitation and healthy foods. Children performed confidently with beautiful costumes and 
props.The poems left a long lasting impression on the minds of everyone present.


Story Presentation​

Stories are there in every child's mind waiting to be discovered.they have always been the best way to restore order with imagination and instill values,hope,love and wisdom.The same was experienced by class I and II Students during Story Presentation​ Session held on 16th August 2017. Children narrated the stories with action and intonation using innovative props which made an ever lasting impact on everyone with the morals imbibed in it.100% participation were there as students learnt the stories in the class itself.


Inter Class Rags To Riches

Inter class Rags to Riches competition was held on 5th July’17. In which all the five sections of class II participated enthusiastically. Each section was given a different topic like Photo frame, Pen Holder, Human figure using old wooden spoons, Ice- cream sticks figure and animals using paper plate. It was an enriching experience for the students.


Rhyme Recitation

Students of Class I participated in Rhyme Presentation held on 12 May 2017 in the School premises.They had learnt the poem in the class and the topic was My Family.Through this poem they have inculcated the value of love ,care and share.They used beautiful props and narrated the poem with full confidence and expressions. 100% participation was there in every section. All the students enjoyed the presentation.


Inter Class Fancy Dress Competition

A grand  and gorgeous  fancy dress  competition  ' Animal Fest '  was held on 25th April , 2017  under the project  ' Compassionate  Citizen'.  The students of Class IV participated in  this activity.

The students came out  in different get up  of  animals   and  enacted as that animal  with unique facts about them. They learnt about the unique features of animals as well as  the need to save them.
All the students participated with great zeal and enthusiasm . They all enjoyed dressing  colourfully  and shared their ideas.This activity was an effort  to sensitize  the children towards  animals  and enhance  their knowledge about  the same.


Different Activities

To mark the celebration of the festival Diwali various activities were held on 28th October 2016 to spread awareness among the students to have safer Diwali.

The details of the activities are as follows:
Class I : The flowers with message
Class II : The Bird with message
Class III : Card with message
Class IV : Pamphlet with message
Class V : Clay Activity (Making of Ganesha)

The students performed activities enthusiastically and received the message to celebrate peaceful and cracker free Diwali. Class wise winners of the different activities are as follosws



Vaanya Satija


Gauri Tripathi






Jayati Khurana




Hardik Kapoor


Stuti Rehlan


Geet Chopra


Vanshika Sharma




Suramya Chawla


Chirag Sarawagi


Aditya Jain






Rashi Bathmi






Manan Jain






Mayank Sabharwal


Jatin Kaushik



V D 


Ramp Walk Competition

Inter Class Ramp Walk Competition was organised by Class I on 5th October 2016 . Auditions were taken from which best performers were taken. On the day of final presentation students tapped their feet on various musical notes to present different food items with innovative, colorful costume and props. 


Inter Class Poem Recitation Competition (Hindi)

On 15th September, 2016 inter Class Poem Recitation Competition (Hindi) was held. 5-6 students participated from each section of class II. The theme of the competition was "Teacher". The students participated enthusiastically, and made colourful props for their recitation.


Role Play on Patriotism

The Inter Class Role Play activity was conducted for Class V on 11th August 2016. The students enacted the role of diverse freedom fighters and highlighted about their life and struggle. Students dressed themselves according to the role and presented vibrant presentation spreading the patriotic fervor all around. They also appreciated the value of hard earned independence and realized that their actions should make the nation's flag soar higher and higher.


Story Narration Activity

Story Narration Activity was conducted for Class II. Each section was given a different story. All the props used were beautifully made and every student gave their best efforts and participated enthusiastically. It was an enriching experience for the students


Intra Class Comic Script Reading

Intra Class Comic Script Reading Activity was conducted on 15th July 2016.The aim behind the activity was to sensitise children regarding the illegal activities being done to kill innocent animals. One of such endangered species is of hawk bill turtles. Thousands of hawk bill turtles are killed every year for their shells and skin. Children were told not to buy products made of animal skin particularly turtle skin and shell. After reading the script students were told to make posters on A3 size sheets regarding the interesting facts about the turtles. Children were eager to learn about the ways by which we can save turtles.

Activity undertaken by class IV A

After reading the script students were told to make a comic conversation amongst the animals regarding their conservation on A3 size sheet. 


Inter Class Food Bonanza

Class III students took part in Food Bonanza activity held on 28th October. Students had brought the food of these 4 states --- Punjab, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat and West Bengal. They also shared their views about these states and relish the delicacies of these regions. They even learnt that India is a country with a varied culture but united at its core.


Inter class Pot Decoration

Inter class Pot Decoration activity was held on 18th October 2016 for students of Class IV, they used different techniques to decorate the pot with 3D outline, foil paper, fabric colours and jute etc. Students put their best efforts and prepared awesome pots. All the students were excited while doing this activity.

The name of the winners are



Rashi Saini


Dorthy & Vidisha




Aryama & Unnati



Inter Class Rhythmic Rhyme

Inter Class Rhythmic Rhyme Competition was organised for class I on 9th May 2016 for the theme "My Mother" to celebrate the occasion of Mother's Day. Different students from each section participated with great zeal and enthusiasm. They reflected their feelings and creativity through props.


Inter Class Competition – ‘INCREDIBLE INDIA'' ( BROCHURE MAKING)

An Inter Class competition was held on 4th May,2016 for the students of class -V. They designed a brochure to promote the tourism of different zones of India . The brochures included different parameters like state, capital, cuisine, dresses, culture, festivals, tourist packages, hotels and restaurants, scenic spots, shopping complexes etc. The outcome was amazing as the students came forward with new and creative ideas and designed the brochures enthusiastically.


Katha Kathan

Students of Class III participated enthusiastically in Inter Class "Katha Kathan" competition. Students showcased their talent of narrating stories through expression and using different props. They narrated the stories on different themes with beautiful and inspiring morals. Following students were declared as winners:

Name of Participant



Aditya Banerjee & Aadya Saxena



Geet kaur



Rehan Das III A III
Ajay Negi


Consolation Prize 


Fancy Dress Competition

 Students of Class I participated in Inter Class Fancy Dress Competition whose topic was Incredible India. Auditions were taken on 23.07.2016, where most of the children participated with the great zeal. Five best participants were selected from each sections for the finals in 01.08.2016.They dressed up beautifully depicting various features of India. The competition was judged by respected Coordinator and the result is as follows:

Name of Participant



Amoha Jain



Jigisgha Wadhwa & Asmi



Tanishka Arora I A III
Vanshika Sachdeva & Arjun Bose

I D & I B

Consolation Prize 


Inter Class Poem Recitation

Students of Class III participated in Inter Class Poem Recitation held on 21st July 2016 on the topic Environment. Four participants were selected after audition for final round. They had recited beautiful message conveying poem to sensitize their friends towards environment. They also used beautiful props for effective presentation.The competition was judged by respected Coordinator and the result is as follows:

Name of Participant



Triyamhi Kaushik



Vishesh Punia



Kanishka Yadav



Rehan Das


Consolation Prize 


Inter Class Rhymesters Competition (Class III)

An Inter Class Poem Composition Competition Rhymesters for class III was organized on 29 th April 2016, in which students were given the topic “ Computer” beforehand. All the students came out with beautiful props and self composed benefits of computer. All the students enthusiastically participated in this and their presentation was really praiseworthy. This competition also created an awareness among the students about how computer has become a part and parcel of our life and it should be used appropriately. The competition was judged by respected Coordinator Madam Suneja and the result is as follows:

Name of Participant
















Monthly Poem Presentation

Monthly poem presentation for the month of December was held on 20th January 2017 by the students of class II. The students participated enthusiastically and recited poems with a great zeal. The poems are as follows according to the sections. 
II A My Granny 
II B Animals and their sounds 
II C Squeaky, The squirrel 
II D I wish i were a.. 
II E My granny 
It was a great learning opportunity for the young learners.


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