About us

Mount Abu School is a Senior Secondary School affiliated to CBSE in Commerce, Science & Humanities and , recognized by Directorate of Education .The school has been preparing students for the All India Senior School Certificate Examination under the Dynamic leadership of Principal Jyoti Arora since its inception in the year 1998.

Hi- Tech Air Conditioned Senior Secondary school is an SDG school wherein curriculum is integrated with the United Nations Sustainable Goals with 2030 Agenda and activities involve the community to contribute to the promotion of SDGs. The school ,with its integrated curriculum, equips the youth with the elements of inclusive education ,right from the stage of kindergarten to class XII, and provides plethora of opportunities to students to empower themselves with the experiential learning through research based projects with innovative approach .The school imbibes 21 century competency skills to enable the students become great scholar and thinkers.

We are a progressive school and seek to offer the most effective quality education to every student who enters the premises in thirst of learning. We believe in developing a caring community with the quality of great reverence for the welfare of al at the global level , thus emphasizing vital importance of good Human relations, based upon the key embodiments of compassion, acceptance , kindness and endurance.

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