For Grade 3 learners it was  fun knowing of one's weight on moon. There were a few other exhibits at planetarium which enlightened the learners. The learners watched a 3D show about celestial bodies. As the light dimmed and the journey through stars began, the excitement among the learners were overwhelming. The sky came alive on the massive dome theatre. The show was extremely good and provided a good visual experience as well as factual knowledge of astronomy. They enjoyed the trip to the museum also with various facts about astronomy in olden days, calculator, first map of world. They did there observation sheet and exit cards to fill out what they explored. They shared about there moments of smile and curiosity. The tour to planetarium was a wonderful experience in adding more value and flavour to wide range of knowledge gained in their learning studios. 



Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi inaugurated the second Akhil Bharatiya Shiksha Samagam which coincided with the 3rd anniversary of National Education Policy 2020, on 29th July 2023 at ITPO, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi. The learners of Mount Abu Public School visited the event to witness the transformation India into a vibrant knowledge society and global knowledge superpower through broad-based, flexible, multidisciplinary education suited to 21st-century needs. 

Another very attractive element of the celebrations was a multimedia exhibition showcasing the best initiatives from the world of school and higher education and the skill ecosystem. Two hundred multimedia stalls were set up by institutions and organisation under education and skill landscape, industry, and key stakeholders. Over 2 lakh attendees visited the exhibition over the two days, including students, youth volunteers and participants of Yuva Sangam.



As part of an educational and ethical trip, the learners of class XII visited Lohagarh Farms on Saturday, 10th of December 2022. The visit empowered them to have a better understanding of the wonders and joy of the natural world. It  exposed the global citizens to the raw, ethnic village setup and got acquainted with the  indigenous lifestyle of rural India and connected with ancient and modern wisdom.



To mark International Literacy Day, a team comprising of the Global Citizens of our school and officials from the National Book Trust Govt of India visited Asha Kiran School to present an impressive collection of books.



Education is a lifelong journey whose destination expands as you travel. Mount Abu Public School aims to enrich the learners valuable experiences by providing the opportunities to inquire, explore the world around them, for the same the school organised an educational trip in the spirit of engrossed emotions of Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav at Gandhi Smriti and Prime Minister Museum. The visit to Gandhi Smriti enlightened the learners with Gandhian Philosophy and the earnest effort put in by the Father of the Nation to let us rejoice the freedom. It was a tour house for students to understand the number of articles associated with Gandhi ji’s life and death, they could see the pictures of preserved room where Gandhi lived; his life story of transformation from a man to mahatma was narrated through a movie in a projector tent which was a fascinating experience for our learners, the strength of his personality was the unwavering mindset to improve the life of all the human at any cost through non-violence was the simple but emphatic message given to the MAPIANS. Pradhan Mantri Sangrahalaya is a museum built as a tribute to every Prime Minister of India since Independence, and a narrative record of how each one has contributed to the development of the nation. The Prime Minister museum was extremely engaging for the students for learning about legacy of Indian prime ministers. The museum is on of its own kind where children could connect with the history of Indian constitution and culture. Children were motivated to see the dedicated work of Prime ministers, the various schemes (yojans) implemented to ensure the growth of India's social, political, and economic conditions. All and all, the trip was a great experience for the learners which could satisfy the vision of our school. Its helped in redefining the future of our students by meeting great mind’s of our country and their contribution. Such visits promote learning and global collaboration.



The school organized a visit to one of the live entertainment and leisure destinations, Kingdom of Dreams for the students and teachers of class IX on 25 January 2020. It was a day filled with fun and frolic for the students as well as the teachers to refresh and rejuvenate themselves before the annual exams. The students watched the lively show and enjoyed the sumptuous food at the cultural gully. Visit to Air Force Museum on the way added to the knowledge of students about diverse models of planes and helicopters along with their significant features. The students had memories to be cherished forever.



The students from Class IV to VIII had a gala time on 28th December 2019 as they enjoyed their excursion to Rock Sports in Sonepat. The students enjoyed various adventurous sports and indigenous fun games. The activities were fun and thrilling for the young learners. They relished the scrumptious meals and enjoyed dancing on their favourite songs at DJ. The day ended with cherished memories and memorable moments for all.



On the occasion of the Samvidhan Diwas - celebrating the 70th anniversary of the adoption of the Indian constitution, the students of class XI humanities visited the Dr. Ambedkar National Memorial, civil Lines on 26th November, 2019.  The students were able to see and understand the important glimpses of the life and the works of the Father of the Indian Constitution. The students understood the message of equality of Baba Saheb Dr. B.R. Ambedkar as they learnt how he led several big and small movements against the caste system of the society and fought with courage and patience. They also learnt about the major contribution of Dr. Ambedkar in the making of the Indian Constitution.  The students were spellbound to hear  live speeches of Dr. Ambedkar in using AI, to see  life like images of his life and the real images of the original constitution. They also became aware of the fact that this memorial has been constructed in his residence only where he spent his last days.



          “The science of today is the technology of tomorrow.”

INDIA INTERNATIONAL SCIENCE FESTIVAL 2019, held at the city of joy, Kolkata from 5th - 8th Nov.’2019, was a great platform for all the young learners to acquire profound knowledge about the science and technology. With the increasing applications of science and technology in the today’s world, the students were all set to gather as much knowledge as possible. The event was inaugurated by our hon’ble Prime Minister Sh. Narendra Modi on a video call followed by the lectures of some renowned scientists at the Biswa Bangla Convention Centre (BBCC). The students performed various hands-on chemistry experiments, observed the experiments involving the concepts of physics, learnt the concepts of maths in a fun filled way through the maths lab activity, attended a session on bio science and seminar which focussed on various scientists and their discoveries. The workshops, the seminars, the expo, and the cultural programmes, were fabulous and provided a great exposure to all. This event could inspire many young and creative minds and help in achieving India’s long term vision of developing and widening the spectrum of scientific temper in India and abroad. 


Visit to Humayun''s Tomb

The creative skills rose to its highest peak when  about 70 Mapians participated in Kathakar  organised by Kathakar  at Sunder Heritage Park near Humayun Tomb  on 12 October 2019.The event witnessed a wonderful  group of Story tellers  from different countries abroad.All the stories narrated by the participants were very interesting and  immersing .A puppet show organized for the purpose of entertainment was very exciting for all to watch which the children rejoiced as a life time experience  with best of the orators from different countries.The participation in the event is a clear reflection of he schools ideology to imbibe he creative skills among the children.



An educational trip to Rail Museum was organised for the students of ‘Class II’ on 18.10.19. The students were amazed to see a huge engine at the entrance gate that entranced the tiny tots and a wave of excitement shot through the group. Students were enthralled to see the exhibits of wagons, coaches and engines displayed in the exhibition hall. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed. Students were delighted to see the new inclusion in Rail Museum – Miniature of India, which included old and new townships with various modes of transport – Road Ways, Rail Ways, Metro and Air transport. Students came back with a pandora box of knowledge, which made the excursion fruitful and joyous.



Students of Mount Abu Public School visited CSIR – National Physical Laboratory, one of the leading Science and Research laboratories of the country on Sept 30. This Open day activity organised by NPL aimed at exposing Young minds to recent researches and innovation in the field of science. The students visited important sections of the lab like Force standard, Liquid helium plant, crystallization lab etc. The students were escorted by well trained volunteers and guided by the practitioner and field experts. The practitioners also demonstrated the working of technologies.The visit triggered their critical thinking and application skills. They got to know the technology involved superconductors, cryopreservation, spectroscopy, crystallization etc. They also learnt about the Luminescent substances and UV rays with application in our life.  There were scientific models and exhibits on display along with audio visual shows on the scientific activities of the lab. NPL OPEN DAY activity offered a platform to the students to induce their scientific skill and bring it into application. Students participated in the discussion and demonstration actively. The educational visit has truly added learning outcomes to their reservoir of knowledge. 



Students of Mount Abu Public School witnessed History in Creation at Launch of Indias’ Lunar mission “CHANDRAYAN 2” at Satish Dhawan Space Center, SriHariKota.  India will become the fourth country to make a soft landing on the Moon's surface. Only the former Soviet Union, the US and China have been able to do so.  Indeed a proud moment for every Indian!!



The journey of a thousand miles begins with a small step!
If our students are to learn about protecting the environment, they have to first learn about the various components of the environment which comprises various wild animals as well. To make our students the responsible world citizens of the future, an Educational Trip to the Headquarters of WWF at Lodhi Road was taken on 31st August, 2019 for the students of classes 4 and 5. At the venue , the students got to know about some common species of turtles, their habitats, their foods, the threats to their survival and the possible help which we humans can do to save these humble creatures. The volunteers from various colleges of Delhi imparted knowledge to the students. After the trip, a quiz session was also held in which the students participated enthusiastically came out with flying colours. Overall ,it was an enriching and enlightening trip for the students as well as for the teachers accompanying them.



Educational tours are part and parcel of the life of students. An excursion is not just a pleasure trip; it enhances the knowledge of the students beyond the four walls of the classroom. To provide such an enriching experience to students, Mount Abu Public School, Delhi organized an educational tour from 23rd Aug,2019 to 25TH Aug,2019 for VIIth to Xth graders. More than 60 students went for educational tour who were accompanied by six teachers. Their visit to ISRO, Statue of Unity, Sabarmati Ashram and Gujarat Science Museum in Ahmedabad were enjoyed by them. The students got the golden opportunity to visit ISRO and to know better about space science that involve space exploration. The space Application Centre is one of the major centres of ISRO that is engaged in the research, development and demonstration of space technology in the fields of telecommunications, remote sensing and satellite navigation. In the trail, a visit to Sabarmati Ashram and Statue of Unity which is the world’s tallest statue(182 m high) ignited their love for history as a subject. Getting the opportunity to visit Sabarmati which was one of the main residencies of Mahatma Gandhi and witnessing a colossal statue of Indian statesman ‘Sardar Vallabhai Patel’ facing Sardar Sarovar Dam from so close enthralled them all to such an extent that it revived their fatigued spirits. Students also enriched their knowledge about science by visiting ‘Gujarat Science City’. The centre hosts an IMAX 3D theatre, an energy park, a hall of science and Life Science park. This educational tour offered an opportunity for a rich immersion experience and a tremendous way to facilitate learning. They had the chance to experience and explore much deeper level than they ever could in the classroom.


Visit to Rashtrapati Bhawan Museum

Students of Mount Abu Public school, Rohini got the opportunity to visit the phenomenal Rashtrapati Bhavan Museum on July, 27,2019 . It has a rich collection of the culture and history of India. The trip comprised of a guided tour of the museum where students were informed about the architecture of the Rashtrapati Bhawan. Students also got a chance to learn about the milestones of the Indian Freedom Struggle from the museum display. The museum displays, the Constitution of India. Infact, one can listen to the recorded version a reading of it. The new building is equipped with two audio-visual theatres playing videos of the Beating the Retreat ceremony and the freedom struggle. There are also statues showcasing the Swadeshi Movement, Gandhiji’s Salt March, the Jallianwala Bagh massacre and the Charter Act (1853).A section of the museum is dedicated to a display of badges awarded to officers of the defence forces. Another striking feature of the museum is to join Mahatma Gandhi in virtual reality. Stand in a room and see Mahatma Gandhi talking to Lord Irwin on screen. And then, when he walks out of the Rashtrapati Bhavan — then Viceroy’s House — you can join him in virtual reality. The most esteemed medals- The Bharat Ratna, The Padma Vibhushan & other  medals were displayed on the floor, which was a sight to behold. This enlightening visit to the museum helped the students to live the experience of governing a country from the President’s chair. This visit gave them the feeling of being in the Rashtrapati Bhavan itself & experiencing its grandeur and opulence. Not only did the art works and sculptures in the museum helps to relate it to the text they study in class but also lighted the patriotic spark and motivated them to do something for their country.  It was an edifying experience as they observed art, culture, heritage & history of their country. Students were overwhelmed after observing such great men and moments of history and were inspired to follow the footsteps of such eminent leaders and do something for our great nation. It was an honour and privilege for our school to be a part of this program.



Students of Class VII went on an educational trip where they could view the seven wonders of the world right in front of them. The twist that amazed the students was that all of them, be it the Eiffel Tower, the Taj Mahal, Statue of Liberty etc. were all made of waste parts of Rickshaws, benches, cycles, pipes. It was a two in one act. The students expanded their creative boundaries and along with that, gained knowledge from the information board about the uniqueness of the various wonders of the world.



The students of Class 1st to 5th of the school had a gala time at KIDZANIA, Noida on 16th & 19th March respectively. The students had a funfilled learning experience at this edutainment theme park that combined fun and learning through realistic role play. The students had an exciting time ,managing the currency and enhancing their skills such as critical thinking, problem solving, numeracy etc. Their day ended with scrumptious meal, plethora of learnings and lots of memories to cherish.


Trip to Kingdom of Dreams

Students of classes IX and X had a gala time visiting Kingdom of Dreams, Gurugram. A live and enthralling theater performance depicting life’s ups and downs entertained them. It was an excellent event in which students also participated and got amazing accolades for being a sport. Students also relished menu of different states of India along with buying goodies of these states in Culture Gully of KOD. This trip brought a sense of togetherness and team spirit amongst all. Over all it was a day of bonding between teachers and students resulting in an excellent relationship and experience.



School Excursions are an important and effective means of motivating students and engaging them in active learning experience. Mount Abu Public School organized an amusing trip to Pratapgarh Farms on 1st December 2018 for students of classes VI – VIII. The trip proved out to be a gateway for students that provided numerous activities, amazing food and great green lush farms. Right from DJ session to Folk session, outdoor games testing your creativity while indulging in pottery. The glee in this enriching experience gave children an out of the world exposure.  



The students of class XI went for a recreational excursion to Pratapgarh on 15th December 2018. The students enjoyed various sports and adventurous activities in the village themed resort. They were  extremely thrilled with the rural setting, live entertainment, traditional handicrafts by artisans. They came back with very good memories spent with their friends and teachers.


Visit to Toony Tails Exhibition

Students of class V attended  - Toony Tails - an exhibition of wild life  cartoons organised by Green  Humour on Saturday 17th November 2018. It was an event that aimed to create awareness about the  wonders of nature, environment conservation and sustainable living .The workshop motivated the students to adopt the methods of  conservation through various activities like board game .It made them aware about the sanctuaries across the globe and the animals found in them.The resource person used clay to generate awareness on how to distinguish animals on the basis of their dungs.Students drew pictures of the animals of their choice and also mimiced their favourite animals.The facts of animals were shared and a quiz on their learnings was held. It was really an interesting and informative workshop.


Visit to Asiad Circus

The students of classes III -  V were taken to the Asiad Circus on 3rd of November 2018. The circus showcased various forms of entertainment that featured numerous thrilling and high skilled acts. 
The visit was an amazing experience for the children and they were very much fascinated by the tricky magic shows,  stunning music,  dance performance, juggling show and the most importantly the witness of the clowns.



The students of class VI went to an educational trip to ISKCON Temple on Saturday, 13th October 2018. The students took a round of the temple seeing the deities. After this they were given a religious discourse by a devotee and later on engaged the children to sing bhajans of Lord krishna. The children enthusiastically took part in this. After this they had a visual tour of the life of krishna. The students enjoyed the trip a lot.



An educational trip to “ Ambedkar Memorial Museum”  was organised on 6.10.2018 for the students of seventh class.  Students came to know about each aspect of  B.R. Ambedkar’s life that is about his family, his educational qualification and his contributions in the framing of constitution of India. Students were spell bounded to see virtual reality displays of B.R Ambedkar. Students enjoyed a lot with their friends and it was a very knowledge enriching experience for all of them.



The students visited National Science Centre on 16.8.18 for a hand on session on cell structure. The objective of the session was to equip students to make temporary slide. The students were given a demonstration by the instructor in the innovation space Biotech lab. They were given all the materials and they bacteria. Further they learn to observe it under the microscope and magnify the structure. Also they were shown live cultured paramecium. It was followed by Question – Answer round. The session was interactive and informative.


Visit to Hazrat Nizamuddin Basti

The students of classes IX & X got a great opportunity to be a part of Heritage Walk of Hazrat Nizamuddin Basti organised by Aga Khan Trust for Culture where they were enlightened about the Navratnas of the court of Akbar and the poet of the time, Gaalib. They also attended the workshop on “Incised Plaster” and learnt the basic technique of carving lime into various decorative patterns from the Mughal monuments. The participants had a rich experience by getting an insight into their glorious culture and were awarded with participation certificates.



On 5 May 2018, the students of Class VI visited Gandhi Memorial Museum. With a lot of vigour and enthusiasm the trip began. The National Gallery showcased a large number of paintings and personal belongings of Mahatma Gandhi. The students were shown a short Documentary film on the life of Mahatma Gandhi depicting his early life, Ashram life and contribution in freedom struggle. Gandhiji’s Talisman was also shown. A spinning wheel gallery was also visited. Gandhiji’s pictures, items of clothings and relics were also viewed. It was an enriching learning experience.


Educational Trip to Indira Gandhi Memorial Museum

“Its time to learn and play together”

The School organized a visit to Indira Gandhi Memorial Museum for the students of class VII on 21st April 2018. It was aimed to let students travel through the journey of Indira Gandhi’s life. The kids enjoyed the visit on overall as they witnessed Indira Gandhi’s belongings of her time, learnt about her lifestyle, her achievements and contributions towards the Nation etc. Trips like these inculcate the feeling of Nationalism and patriotism among them, which this one did fairly enough.



Students of Class VI & VIII went for an Annual Trip to OH MAX WONDER LAND  on 20th & 21st March 2018


Trip to Oh!Max

The school organised a trip to oh! Max to entertain and rejuvenate the young minds. The students and the teachers got enthralled wit the fun filled experience at the theme park with its attractions : Adventure park,The  Unsinkable Titanic,Jungle of Amazon,Sea Ball Pool, Treasures of Tut and The Chocolate Factory.The 6D show of one of the seven wonders of the world allured the children a lot. It was an ENRICHING experience!


Excursion to OH Max Wonderland

To refresh students and reward their hard work after the final exams,an excursion was organized to Oh Max Wonderland at Greater Noida on 17.3.18 for classes I to III and on 19.3.18 for classes IV & V. They enjoyed holographic show and walk into the Jungle of Amazon. The sneak peak into the ball pool filled them with immense pleasure. They were spellbound to see the beauty of the Taj Mahal, Titanic and Egyptian Mummies through their replicas. The delicious food with mouth watering dessert added the flavour to the kids enjoyment. It proved to be relaxing and marvelous trip for them.


Educational Excursion to Zoo

A visit to zoo is an interesting experience. Pre-schoolers of the School went to Zoological National Park on 15.3.18. They visited different stations through trolley and saw many animals such as white tiger, deer, elephants, leopard, hippo, alligator, bear and different types of birds. It was a pleasing experience .Looking at the animals was a great experience for all of them .They enjoyed knowing about the feeding habits and lifestyle of the animals in their respective homes and came back with an enhanced knowledge about the wild animals,birds ,water animals etc


Educational Excursion to National Rail Museum

The students of Class Pre Primary went for an educational excursion to the National Rail Museum on 16.3.18 wherein they gained insight by having a glance at the various models of the trains of different eras. Their joy knew no bounds when they got an opportunity to have a joy ride on the toy train. The trip was quite informative and educative one as they came to know how the trains are designed and what all facilities are given in the trains now a days.


Educational trip to Doll Museum

To make the students explore and appreciate the Dolls of different countries and through them their culture, costumes and festivities.  The students of Class I and II went for an Educational trip on 17th and 24th February 2018 to visit Doll Museum. Students had great fun and learning through the visit


Educational trip to Air Force Museum

To make the students aware of the Airforce Warriors, their bravery, their sacrifices and achievements, the students of class IV and V were taken to the Airforce Museum as an educational trip on 17th and 24th February 2018. They were fascinated at the sight of fighter planes, missiles and tanks used during war. The first satellite launched by India and pictures of cosmonauts were a big attraction for children



Students of Class VII went for an Annual Trip to OH MAX WONDER LAND  on 30th December 2017


Trip to JOY GAON

Students of Class XI went for an Annual Trip to JOY GAON on 30th December 2017


Visit to ISKCON Temple

Mount Abu Public School organized an Excursion to ISKCON Temple on 25th November 2017, which dealt with enlightening the students with their spiritual self. Students learnt about the complexity of life and various stages of life, they understood that to be closer to God, they must help each other and spread love throughout. Such enriching teaching was provided to them through 3D horror movie, quiz and a beautiful lecture. Students were also presented with spiritual books.


Visit to National Science Centre

The students of Class V of Mount Abu Public School got an experiential learning experience during their visit to the National Science Centre, Delhi on 24th August 2017.The joy of exploring concepts outside the classrooms provided the students an excellent opportunity to defend their curiosity and appreciate the amazing scientific inventions that make lives comfortable and merry. The learners also witnessed the Science on Sphere show where the enriching information about the solar system gave students an insight of the distinctive features of each planet. The 3D film show was an awareness for the students about the lifestyle of dinosaurs- their existence and extinction about 65 million years ago. The mirror fun, the Digital Revolution Gallery and many other scientific things made the students more aware of the science around them and gave them a platform to harness their scientific temperament


Visit to Science Festival

The students of Mount Abu Public School visited Tyagraj stadium on 12th August 2017 to attend the Science Festival organized at the venue. A number of Science Magic tricks with scientific explanation were shown to the students which successfully managed to amaze them and arose their curiosity. Different science experiments were also demonstrated and the students were given a chance to work with hands on activities for a real learning experience. With their thorough participation and involvement, students benefitted themselves and learnt several new things. The visit helped the students to develop observational and enquiry skills.


Educational Trip to National Science Centre

Students of Classes VII and VIII went for an Educational Trip to National Science Centre on 5th & 6th May 2017



The School organised the Annual Picnic to ECO Adventure Camp for the children of Classes I to III on 28th January 2017. Different activities were organised in which they participated whole heartedly. They also enjoyed magic show and felt jubilant on dance floor. They also relished snacks and lunch. Through these activities children not only enjoyed but also learned the values like cooperation, patience and time management. It was a wonderful day full of fun and learning..


Trip to Agra

Students of Classes IX and X went for an Annual Trip to Agra (Taj Mahal and Agra Fort) on 10th December 2016


Jungle Jive Show at Sirifort Auditorium

The students of Classes IV and V had an enjoyable experience at Sirifort Auditorium on 15th December 2016, where they witnessed the Jungle Jive Show that highlighted the journey of explorers who went to the abode of Mowgli where he leads a fulfilling life with his friends,Baloo,the bear,Bagheera,the panther and other animals.The students learnt about the varied aspects of jungle such as the habitat and the characteristic features of animals.T he musical show showcased positive attitude of Mowgli and the students were awestruck with the fearless approach of Mowgli towards challenges.The students enjoyed the dance at Jungle Party and had a great learning experience.


Trip to Rock Sports

Students of Classes VI to VIII went for an Annual Trip to ROCK SPORTS on 3rd December 2016


Visit to National Bal Bhavan

Students of class V went for an Educational Trip to National Bal Bhavan. The students enjoyed the story telling sessions and visited Jawahar Aquarium. They were also enriched with the stories of Warriors at Gaurav Gatha Museum. The students also had fun in toy train which took them on a journey that highlighted various states of our country. It was a great learning experience as the children explored concepts beyond the walls of classrooms. The enthusiastic students also witnessed Clay Sculptures, Madhubani Paintings and Handicrafts. They visited the traffic park to know about the traffic rules and signs.


Visit to The National Science Centre

The National Science Centre, Delhi is a unit of National Council of Science Museums (NCSM), which is an autonomous body and is engaged in popularization of science among the people of north India and students in particular.On 11 July, 2016, the middle wing MAPIANS got an opportunity to get connected with NSC. Various science fun games, experiments and models excited students to learn in detail.Various galleries such as Information Revolution ,human biology, pre historic life thrilled students is better vision towards to be a great success.


Trip to Kingdom Of Dream, Gurgaon

The school planned an excursion to Kingdom of Dreams  where about three hundred and fifty students from Classes VI –X accompanied by teachers enthusiastically visited the place on 22nd January 2015. The students were thrilled to see a spectacular world of un-paralled imagination which brought to them a blend of India's Culture and heritage. The visit initiated by some time being spent in Culture Gully, where students enjoyed handcrafts and cuisines from different parts of India.They were also taken to the Nautanki Mahal where they watched Zangoora-The Gypsy Prince, the biggest Bollywood show which brought the magic of Indian Cinema came alive for them in a stunning & electrifying on stage performance. It was a mesmerizing experience for the students and teachers alike, as they watched in awe, the aerial acts by the performers and the stunning stage settings. On the whole, the students had a mesmerizing experience in kingdom of dream.


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