Mount Abu Public School has relentlessly emphasized the holistic advancement of its learners. Co-curricular forms an indispensable part in the all-around evolution of a learner’s individuality. At Mount Abu, co curricular activities are a vital part of school life and aid in enhancing learners’ learning at school.  These activities are intended to generate social and intellectual skills, moral, cultural and ethical values, personality improvement, and character advancement in learners. 

In this highly competitive world, better grades are sought after when taking admissions to various colleges, universities or institutions in India and abroad. We understand that co-curricular activities provide better opportunities as students pursuing these activities are certainly given preference. In school, the students are introduced to a wide range of activities that give them better strength while letting them choose what they wish to learn and what they enjoy. 

We ensure that these activities offer our students an opportunity to think out of the box and recreate a plethora of innovative ideas on their own. Co-curricular activities help the students to develop an enriched learning experience by providing them with a chance to bring out their hidden talents and showcase their unbeatable strengths. 

The Budding Squad of Business Sharks!!
The notion behind this club is to cultivate entrepreneurial flair in the learners and to acquaint them with prominent national and international financial events. The members discuss concurrent economic matters, study and comprehend business models and acquire the morale to analyze business matters. The members are also familiarised with the business and economic diction like 
planning, organizing, executing, marketing, budget, Sensex, stock market, boom and bust, inflation and recession, insurance & Investments etc.



The Eco Club has spearheaded environmental understanding amongst the learners of the School. The members undertake ventures in cleaning and maintaining the school's adopted monument- "Sheesh Mahal". They are also furnished with the rare species, and the varieties of soil and plants found in the monument. The members engage in scientific analysis of water wastage and recycling.
  The Eco Club is also channelizing its resources in the path of water conservation. Water harvesting systems have been set up to make the school a ‘Zero Runoff Campus’



Hunt For The Next Picasso..!!

Visual language is one of the essential ancient terminologies and plays a crucial role in a learner's advancement. Art club caters to the creative skills of learners as they get an opportunity to articulate their imagination and embellish their aesthetic proficiency as well. The Art Department is equipped with ultra-modern amenities. Learners take a keen interest in this subject and some of them even pursue it as a career. They have a great time acquiring lots of new skills and methods and producing wonderful artwork. The art club furnishes a platform for the learners to explore their creativity. It also provides opportunities and autonomy to try new things. They create eye-catching illustrations on several motifs.

Engage, Enlighten & Encourage.. The Power of Journalism.."
The Journalism Club is committed to nurturing a new generation of digital journalists. It aims to foster diverse, inclusive media teams that reflect our society and promote early acquisition of essential journalism skills. Our mission involves expanding journalism education, emphasizing the responsible use of social media for sharing accurate information and educating students in emotional and mental well-being, various media career options, critical thinking, and journalistic abilities. The weekly sessions cover news, sports, feature writing, podcasting, social media reporting, and web writing and editing, empowering students to explore paths in journalism that intersect with fields like sports, business, communications, politics, education and marketing.


Pouring Knowledge Beyond Academics..!!
Lacking adequate information & awareness; the perception, comprehension and analysing proficiency of the learner are narrowed. To awaken these abilities along with logical, verbal and non-verbal reasoning, the club encourages the learners to read more on a plethora of subjects and topics. This club focuses on imparting information on Current Affairs and enhancing the General Knowledge of our learners.
Learners are encouraged to keep refurbished about the happenings around the world. The basic purpose is to prepare the learners to acquire a healthy competitive spirit so that they outstand in quiz competitions and also provide an edge to prepare for several entrance exams. Activities such as Inter House Quiz Competitions are conducted to strengthen the comprehensive and analytical skills of the students.


 "Play a sport. It will teach you how to win honourably, lose gracefully, respect authority, work with others, manage your time, and stay out of trouble."

The diverse and multicultural domain of Mount Abu not just emphasises a learner's scholastic excellence but also gives liberty to realise one's latent talent in any sporting activity. With adequate trials and procedures; which anyone can apply for, learners' talent is spotted and accepted to get brushed up. It does not only build physically but assists in body coordination and provides mental stiffness. This club is dedicated to empowering healthy sporting habits among learners. It enables one to learn teamwork and coordination among diverse cultural & ethnic groups and mainly instils discipline & infuses the value system in them. Valuing time, precision & competitiveness are other key learning points. The Sports Club is an exclusive collection of sporting events that include cricket, basketball, volleyball, badminton, chess, etc.



The goal of this club is to sensitize learners about the various types of inequalities that prevail in the community. The club primarily focuses on raising consciousness among the learners about a host of societal issues striving and inspiring them to make a difference in the community. The purpose is to raise consciousness, help build empathy and appreciation of one's liberty, and inspire learners to take action. It is an experiential learning approach to help students break stereotypes and equip them with the skills necessary to take on leadership qualities to reform societal norms.


"The books let you travel without moving your feet."

The Club endeavours to foster the writing aptitude of its members through the Authors’ Programme. The program is developed to furnish learners with the opportunity to write creatively in a collaborative setting. During this, learners can apply reasoning and skills learnt in class. This club works on the doctrine of inculcating effective habits of reading and writing in learners. The young learners abounding with vigour and inquisitiveness are empowered with a creative anchor. The quest for reading and writing enables the harnessing and channelising in the right path, of this enormous reservoir of inquisitiveness. The club aids in developing deep bonds of harmony and exerts a positive impact on the holistic advancement of a learner, the effect of which is epitomized in every trait of the learner’s life.


Identifying the Future Mathematical Geniuses..!!

Our talented mathematicians offer concreteness to their abstract ideas in the form of 3D shapes, figures based on Sacred Geometry of ancient times, Origami, Mathematical puzzles and games. The learners make thorough and creative use of Geometrical tools, wooden boards and chart papers in this hobby. The hobby strengthens the innate interest of the learners in Mathematics.The activities are entirely non-competitive but the club has been instrumental in whetting the hunger for the subject. It also reinforces the Reasoning and Mathematical Skills needed for various competitive exams.


“Music is the movement of sound to reach the soul for the education of its virtue.” -Plato.

Music is sound, composed of distinct rhythms to reflect the learner’s perceptions or to transmit certain emotions. Music is crucial for everybody. The physical manifestation of the world would be very different without music. Learners come up with the most vibrant ideas while listening to their favourite form of music. Music in one's life boosts intelligence. Music Club speculates on discovering, unravelling and fostering the hidden potential of the learners in the field of Music, Vocal as well as Instrumental. This prepares the learners for extrinsic and intrinsic competitions as well. Learners have participated in numerous Inter-school competitions and brought accolades to the school.

 "Dance is the hidden language of the soul." - Martha Graham

The dance club is accessible to all, irrespective one knows to dance or not. This club reckons that anybody can dance, and all you require is the spirit to dance. It concentrates on reflecting emotions and feelings through various dance forms.It facilitates the learners to exhibit an insight of expressions and rhythm. It helps them in evolving a multifaceted physicality by training in assorted dance strategies to compete. Numerous dance events are organized by the dance club throughout the year to ensure that the learners are engaged in creative activities.


"Science knows no country, because knowledge belongs to humanity, and is the torch which illuminates the world." -  Louis Pasteur

The purpose of this club is to nurture curiosity, ideation, and imagination in young minds; and inculcate skills such as design mindset, physical computing, computational thinking, adaptive learning etc.

ATL Lab is a prestigious endeavor of NITI Ayog, Government of India. This club has been established to recognize the demand to build scientific outlook and to nurture the spirit of curiosity and innovation among young minds.  It is a platform where young minds contour their ideas with the help of technology. ATL has educational activities, learning kits and equipment on – Science, Electronics, Robotics, open source Microcontroller Boards, Sensors and 3D Printers etc. Young learners explore various characteristics of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) and come up with innovative solutions to the issues of the society.



"Technology, like art, is a soaring exercise of the human imagination." - Daniel Bell

There is an abundance of training that this club offers including videography, video editing, multimedia projects, basic programming and management of information systems. Members take part in numerous IT-related events; both at intra and inter-school levels. The learners are given access to the latest software and languages to play around, analyze and explore with, sometimes creating incredible results that stun everyone. The learners are trained to develop meaningful, function-based applications. The members engage in activities based on Python and integrated coding tools like Adobe etc. They establish career skills that they will need in their future employment, according to the soaring needs of the Education World. Learners also remain up-to-pace in the ever-progressing world of technology.



"I alone can not change the world but I can cast a stone across the waters to create ripples." - Mother Teresa

This Club is formed to bring together youth who want to make an effect on the world through promoting education for children in need and through community service. The goal of the club is to boost the awareness among learners about international evolution and global citizenship and how they may have an impact on the advancement of the world even while in school and beyond into their adult lives.

PURPOSE of the club

  • Enrich the lives of others by fostering human rights
  • Empower learners to act and raise awareness about global issues
  • Create educational opportunities (e.g., speakers, workshops, panels, action groups) to extend awareness and activism
  • Furnish resources for learners seeking interest in community service ventures

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