Day 1 - Yoga Week Celebration at Mount Abu Public School

To promote a holistic approach to health and make students strong enough to face the tough times, Mount Abu Public School, Sector 5, Rohini organised the Inauguration Ceremony of Yoga Week Celebration on account of International day of Yoga on 23rd May 2022. Ms. Arti Bansal, Vice President, International Naturopathy Organization , East Delhi Zone and State Convener NIH graced the event and shared her expertise in the field of Yoga with the students. The students demonstrated various asanas, made Yoga Pyramid and participated with great fervor and enthusiasm. The event depicted innumerable benefits of Yoga and concluded with encouragement to the students to make yoga a regular habit to remain fit and improve concentration.

Day 2- Surya namaskar for boundless energy

Surya Namaskar is a salutation performed to the Sun offering gratitude and love for the life-giving energy that it provides.The young learners of class 6-8 performed Surya namaskar on the second day of Yoga Week Celebration whereby they understood the 12 steps and could reap the benefits of the same with consistent practice.

Day 3- Yoga for All(Visit to Old Age Hope)

Yoga not only allows a flexible body but also reduces anxiety, helps in blood pressure,Improves sleeping habits.Yoga is specially useful for seniors as it reduces stress and improves sleep.To takethe benefits of yoga to Senior citizens,young Global Citizens of Mount Abu Public on Day 3 of Yoga Week Celebration visited the old age home and spent time with them performing yoga asanas thus gifting a way for healthy lifestyle to be cherished forever

Day 4- Poster Making on Yoga and Mass Yoga Session

Day 4 of Yoga week Celebration at Mount Abu Public school witnessed Poster Making Activity for Grade 6th -8th that reflected the enthusiasm that the students had in for Yoga.Through the exquisitely designed posters on the topics related to Yoga,the students spread the awareness through their creativity. Grade 9th and 10th conducted a Mass Yoga Session that involved in sharing the benefit and way of doing yoga to the community members.

Day 5- Clay Moulding for Yoga

Yoga adds the glow that never fades.The global citizens of Mount Abu Public School used their creative expression and made the miniatures of yoga poses using the technique of Clay moulding on Day 5 of Yoga Week Celebration thus providing a platform for their innate talent.

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