Disaster Management

Disaster Management PROGRAMME

Disaster management has recently increased in importance because of the growing awareness of costs associated with disasters, both natural and man-made. Knowing and meeting the profession's objectives helps reduce these costs and improve first responder efforts.

Aims and objectives 

The overall aim of disaster management is to "prevent or reduce losses that occur due to hazards, disasters and emergencies," according to "Introduction to Emergency Management. The main motive is for Disaster Prevention

  • Disaster Preparedness
  • Disaster Response
  • Disaster Mitigation
  • Rehabilitation
  • Reconstruction

The school Disaster management plan aims

•  To identify and manage hazards in the school

•  Prepare and respond to emergencies in school

•  To mitigate the effect of disasters on the school

Team Members

Disaster management planning begins with awareness on the part of The Principal, teachers and students. The awareness raising exercise consists of a guided dialogue led by the Principal.

Core Team( 2017-2018)

Overall incharge: Principal- Ms Jyoti Arora  Leads the Disaster Management programme by regularly monitoring the emergency situations and takes necessary decisions

Floor in charges

Ground floor : Mr. Chandan Kumar, Mr. Arun Kumar

First floor :Ms. Geetanjali Malhotra, Ms Poonam Chopra

Second floor: Mr. Kinkar Sen, Ms. Hardeep

Third floor :Ms Minoo Bhatia, Mr. Arjun Singh

  Administrative officer :

•  To raise alarm in school using hooters and public announcement system.

•  To call hospitals, ambulance, fire emergencies and Police.

•  To activate the school disaster management team.

•  Provide resources needed and maintains line of communication with the Principal and teachers.

The floor in charges take quick action for the safety of the students ,staff and other members of the school for evacuation under the guidance of the Principal

Formation and Execution of disaster management plan since its inception The major thrust areas include

•  Display of evacuation plan on each floor

•  Training of teachers and students through workshops by experts

•  Mock Drills by the fire safety department and police department

•  Proper provision of escort teachers for the transport

•  Contingency plan for earthquake and other related disaster are displayed on each floor

•  School gate keeper is well trained and showing of I card is mandatory for all the visitors

•  Special committee of parent community is involved in disaster related issues

•  Emergency contact numbers are displayed for immediate action , like Police, Fire brigade , Ambulance and municipal corporation

•  Distinct and loud sound of the hooter to easily identify the disaster

•  Special club for disaster management to acquaint the children for safety measures

•  Training for teachers to deal with the disaster

• Special assemblies are conducted for regular updation

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