Special Assemblies



Class X-C presented morning assembly on topic Van Mahotsav on 4th July 2022. The main topic of the assembly surrounded around the idea of growing more trees and saving our mother earth from getting destroyed . Students presented  speeches, nukkad natak and quiz to make everyone more aware. They  took pledge to save mother earth and work towards sustainable future. The assembly also included a Sanskrit shloka that made us aware about the destruction we are causing to our mother earth and how can we stop that. There was also a thought presented in Malayalam which encouraged each one of us to come forward and know more about our country and the diverse culture it holds within. The nukkad natak made everyone realize that we are the ones who are responsible for this condition of earth and no one else can help earth other than us. 



An assembly was organized by class X-A on 28th February, 2022 to celebrate National Science Day, emphasizing on raising awareness about science and to develop scientific temperament. The assembly started off with a delightful prayer, followed by a positive thought for the day and the latest happenings. An interesting science based riddle game was played with the audience named, Riddle-O-Science which witnessed an active participation. Further, to raise awareness about National Science Day, Student’s Talk was presented which focused on bringing out the importance of the day and highlighting the discovery of the genius scientist, Dr. C.V. Raman. Further, to spread the culture of innovation in the school students, an experience sharing talk was conducted by two of the team members from the CSIR National Science Exhibition award winning team who talked about their experience of creating the model along with the happiness of receiving an award at national level. An awareness session on mental health was conducted thereafter, by the school counselor, Ms. Aditi to help students deal with different kinds of stress faced in the examination time. This was followed by an informative Teacher’s Talk for a better overview of the topic. Lastly, the assembly was briefed with coordinator’s words of wisdom. Overall the assembly focused on promoting scientific aptitude and temperament among the students along with realizing the fact that how science and technology enables us to live a happy, healthy and stress free life.



On February 21st, 2022 an assembly was conducted by class IX-D on the theme “Health and Well being” with the inclusion of Matribhasha Day, to inculcate the knowledge of health as well as describing the diversity of languages in our nation.  To begin a thoughtful morning, The assembly was started off with a delightful prayer, followed by a positive thought for the day given by Yug Dabas. The latest happenings around the world were informed by Trivansh Grag  including the events occurring on a global level as well as some remarkable news from our school. In order to test the general knowledge of the students in a fun as well as mind-boggling way, a fact-quiz show was held by Bhavya wherein the audience could partake and portray their knowledge on the topic, as well as learn some new facts. Thereafter, a students talk was held by Aadit, wherein he gave a clearer insight on the topic of health and well being and how the various Indian dance forms tie within the benefits of health.  Continuing the theme of the assembly, a session on ‘Eat Right’ was held my Ms Aditi Virmani ma’am, addressing the importance of our eating habits and how they play a role on our overall health. A good way to initiate a resolution of oneself is by taking a pledge kickstart our journey to tend to our health. A pledge was given and guided by Prerit to initiate the process. The assembly ended on a convenient note after some words of wisdom by the class teacher and coordinator ma’am



Morning assembly is a very important part of school culture. It helps in building a culture of communication and representation of academic and co-curricular activities.

An assembly was presented by Class IX C on the theme ‘Examination :A Festival on 14th February, 2022 in the school premises. The main objective was to make the students feel that examinations should not be treated like a burden instead should be celebrated like a festival. The assembly began seeking blessings from the Almighty with Gayatri Mantra and morning prayer by the school choir group. It was followed by the thought of the day presented by Revansha Gupta  emphasizing on the fact  that we should always be positive while preparing for examinations which will definitely lead to success.  International, National, Sports and School news was shared. A beautiful poem recitation also threw light on the need for hard work during examination and not fear. Student’s talk highlighted the concerns of students while appearing for examinations. The school counselor guided the students appropriately and gave some useful advice to deal with examinations.



“The true teachers are those who help us think for ourselves.” – Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan

Teachers’ Day was celebrated by the senior wing of Mount Abu Public School, with a lot of gaiety and enthusiasm as the whole country observes this day as the birth day of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan to pay respect and reverence towards him. The programme was held online at Zoom platform. On this occasion, the students of our school expressed their gratitude and appreciation for their teachers through such unique vista of performances. The programme started with the dance performance by Deepti of class XII on the song  which is the very essence of the day I.e. ‘Gurur Vandana'.  It was then followed by a mellifluous song by the members of school choir. Keeping aura of the day in mind,  a short video which was a compilation of such a beautiful expression of words from the children to their teachers. Enhancing the beauty of the day, a musical rendition with band resonated for the love of students for the teachers. Knots of words in the form of  mélange  of dance & drama was then presented by students of class XII which was truly entertaining and ingrained with love. The event was then enlightened with Madam Principal’s address in which she highlighted upon the need to become a teacher of 21st century as well as the significance of a teacher in a society. It culminated with a vote of thanks proposed by Sr. Co-ordinator, Ms. Rannu Pathak, who felicitated the efforts of the students and teachers along with an announcement of an initiative taken by the school i.e. ‘Each one teach One’.




“Do everything you have to do, but not with greed, not with ego, not with lust, not with envy but with love, compassion, humility and devotion.” - Lord Krishna'

Senior wing celebrated the auspicious born day of lord Krishna with great pomp and show on August 28,2021. The day observed gala of diverse activities. Students recited sacred and insightful hymns cited by lord Krishna. Besides, students showcased birth and vital events of Krishna’s life through moving pictures. Videos were totally a treat to eyes as it helped revive all the core events of Krishna’s life. The day was infused with aura of purity and sanctity . Children imbibed essential moral values. It was then culminated with lots of learning about life and the moral values. 



On 28 August 2021, Class 12 B conducted the morning assembly on National Sports Day to educate all about the importance of Sports in our lives. The assembly started by remembering the almighty and taking his blessings. It was followed by a pledge on "Save Environment and Stop using Plastic" by Ms. Ragini Aggarwal which aimed to spread awareness among all about the need to conserve our Environment. Incentivising thoughts were then presented by Manasvi Mehra And Sakshi Dalal in English and Hindi respectively which instilled positivity in everyone. Following this, was News represented by Kusha Sharma to make us conversant about our surroundings. To illuminate the gathering about National Sports Day and significance of sports in our lives, Muskan Kalra gave an incredible speech related to the topic covering points like why sports are important, India's initiatives to promote sports and threw some light on achievements of Indian hockey player, Dhyanchand. After this, Jasmin organised a Quiz to look over the knowledge of students and teachers on National Sports Day which included questions related to life and career of Dhyanchand, and the top three winners were: Bhaumik, Chehak and Aditya. This was followed by a self composed poem by Shatakshi using whiteboard animation which arrayed many sports persons and their achievements. To sensitize people more about the importance of Sports in one's life, an exclusive talk show was presented by Kanika named Koffee with Kanika, wherein some famous sports personalities were interviewed including Mirabai Chanu and Neeraj Chopra. Archi and Bhaumik respectively took up the roles flawlessly and at the end conveyed some essential messages like Never give up and always try your best. Next, Mr. Lakshay gave an erudite speech on Sports and its significance and thanked all the teachers and madam principal for encouraging children to indulge in sports. Further on, a video was shown depicting the engagement of children in different sports in our school like javelin throw, cricket, basketball, badminton, table tennis, chess etc. And their keen interest in executing at home. To enlighten the gathering and notify all certain announcements, the senior coordinator Ms. Rannu addressed the gathering. To mark the end of the assembly, the National anthem of the country, with complete patriotism and nationalism, was sung by all.  



An assembly was organized by class X-A on 16th August, 2021 to celebrate Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav: India@75, emphasizing on the developing journey of India from the day since Independence. The assembly was started off with a delightful prayer, followed by a positive thought for the day, the latest happenings as well as a tribute paying video was presented in the assembly marking Aatmanirbharta. The highlights of the day were brought out through the medium of GK Quiz, which witnessed an active participation from the audience. Further, to pay tribute and being grateful towards the nation, a poem recitation was presented which focused on brining out the value of the struggle of our freedom fighters. This was followed by an informative Student’s Talk for a better overview of the topic. The assembly successfully brought out the significance of the aspirational development of India and the realization of the fact that how we should contribute for being an active and responsible citizen.



The Mount Abu family celebrated 74th  independence day on 13th August with full enthusiasm and zeal. The celebration started with a mesmerizing song by the students of classes 6-8 which awakened the patriotic emotion in everyone. Following this was a verselet presented by students of class 10th showcasing the hardships faced by our brave soldiers on the border to safeguard their country. A showcase of everyday heroes was presented by class 9th students which instilled an instant endearment for all those who work for the prosperity of our society. This sublime act was followed by an engrossing dance performance by the students of class 6-8 called Hold onto truth to mark the substantial contribution of Mahatma Gandhi in making India free from the gratuitous rule of East India Company. Deep feelings of  patriotism were woven winsomely into a poem by Aingel of class 11 which got the thrilling voice of Mishika Gupta of class 12 and beautifully presented by Shatakshi of class 12. The celebration got its charm by Principal Ms. Jyoti Arora mam's  words of wisdom which made everyone zealous towards their responsibility as a citizen of India. Madam principal emphasised on the importance of preamble and apprised the students about each line of preamble of Indian constitution. Madam principal, on this auspicious day, swayed the students to protect the dignity of the country and abide by the rules and regulations laid by the Indian constitution. "The corridors of Indian freedom" a talk by the students of class 11 on the iconic locations that carry a memory of struggle for freedom was presented which wowed the gathering. A mime act on the topic "we're one" was presented by the students of class 8 which unveiled some talented budding actors from our school. Following that was an engaging performance by students of grade 7 presenting the saga of 14 presidents of india who worked scrupulously for the betterment of our nation. A tribute to the soldiers, who serves for the country selflessly and are the greatest assets of our country, was presented by Shaurya Ayush of class 6 which evoked a keen sense of patriotism in all. Vande Mataram is not just a song but an emotion for all Indians, and to awaken the feeling of patriotism, all the students, teachers and coordinators sang the national song Vande Mataram with high psyche At the end, a vote of thanks was presented by Deepti Singh of class 12 to express her gratitude to all those who made this special event a big success.



On August 9 , 2021 an assembly was conducted by class IX-D on the theme “Quit India Day” to celebrate the historical event and remember the sacrifices made by our leaders for the sake of Independence. To begin a thoughtful morning, the assembly was started off with a delightful prayer, followed by a positive thought for the day given by Trivansh Garg. The latest happenings around the world were informed by Bhumika Abhua including the events occurring on a global level as well as some remarkable news from our school. In order to test the general knowledge of the students, a quiz was held by Aarush wherein the audience could partake and portray their knowledge on the topic, as well as learning some new facts. Bhavya Tripathi briefed about The Quit India Movement and shared information that was very insightful. Gopal Kaushik presented a beautiful self- composed poem on Quit India Movement. 



“ May the suffering , stories and resilience of survivors unite us in action to free the world of nuclear weapons . On the 76th anniversary of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima , let's recall and reaffirm our commitment to peace , never forget the victims , never forget history . ”    UNESCO

Morning assemblies unite teachers and students together whether they have different age groups or different religions , with this positive vibe students gain knowledge and encourage themselves to be better than yesterday whereas teachers gets to know about ideas presented by the students and understand it through feelings , with this mindset , the students of XI D showed the audience of classes XI & XII a way to peace by conducting an assembly on 6 August 2021 on the topic - Hiroshima Day. The assembly began with the melodious prayer which took our souls to feel purity and calmness which was followed by the inspiring words of Thought of the Day . For our daily update, latest news was provided by them .Considering the assembly's topic , the information was shared to the audience about the disastrous tragedy in Hiroshima which happened 76 years ago through a student's talk in which the whole incident was explained briefly followed by short interview with the survivors in which they answered in few words but made a huge impact in our expectations by describing every moment in detail . Those words hit very hard to the bottom of our hearts . A short video was played from which we all understood that investments should be made for developing the nation instead of manufacturing weapons , building army bases , etc. to create peace . Then , a GK test was conducted by them for our better understanding of information given in assembly .Our guest from UNEP , Ms. Preeti Arora appreciated the efforts made by the students of XI D by saying glorious and motivating words and also introduced an event held under UNEP . Our co-ordinator shared her views about the assembly and added some points which were knowledgeable for us . She appreciated and guided us through some instructions .The first 50 minutes of our school day ended with the National Anthem by giving tribute to our nation . The assembly was well organised and contributions were made by all the students and the class teacher which can be observed by the audience . 



“I would rather walk with a friend in the dark, than alone in the light.”― Helen Keller

Morning assembly definitely develop a feeling of being united. It helps in confidence building as well as learn valuable lessons. It also aids rewarding achievers to encourage them to perform better and build confidence of others to participate more. So , to continue the hierarchy ,  the students of class XI C conducted their class assembly on 30th July 2021.The topic of the assembly was ‘International Friendship Day’.  The assembly began with the Morning Prayer which assists the souls with purity and peace in the early morning. It was followed by a refreshing quote, thoughtful words and information about international friendship day, an awakening poem, an edifying video and culminated by paying tribute to the nation. Thirty minutes on the wall clock worth ideas and creativity of the students, marked by collaboration and guidance of the teachers made the assembly a successful event. 



An assembly was organized by class X-A on 28th July, 2021 to celebrate National Doctor’s Day, emphasizing on the importance of doctors in one’s life. The assembly was started off with a delightful prayer, followed by a positive thought for the day, the latest happenings as well as a tribute paying video was presented in the assembly. The highlights of the day were brought out through the medium of GK Quiz, which witnessed an active participation from the audience. Further, to pay tribute and being grateful towards doctors, a poem enactment was presented which focused on brining out the value of doctors in our lives. This was followed by an informative Student’s Talk for a better overview of the topic. The assembly successfully brought out the significance of doctors and the realization of the fact that how doctors have proved themselves as Corona Warriors in the hardest times of the pandemic.



“Love and care for Earth and it will care for you more”.

Morning assembly undoubtedly holds the numero uno position out of all the routine activities in a school. It aids community participation as well as hones the skills of children on account of healthy competitive spirit between different groups. Keeping up with the same, the students of class XI B conducted their class assembly on 23rd July 2021.The topic of the assembly was ‘World Nature Conservation Day’. The assembly commenced with the Morning Prayer which is believed to provide peace and serenity to our minds and souls. It was followed by a refreshing quote, thoughtful words and information about world conservation day, an insightful special performance, an awakening poem and concluded by paying tribute to the nation.  Forty minutes on clock worth ideas and creativity of the students, marked by collaboration and guidance of the teachers made the assembly a successful event. 



Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere” ~ Martin Luther King Jr

Mount Abu School always makes efforts to impart the students with the knowledge about our justice system and regulations. The school celebrated the World Day of International Justice to commemorate the adoption of the treaty which established the International Court of Criminal Justice on 16th of July 2021 through the virtual medium. The school aimed to equip students with the required information that will help them approach any legal measures in case they face any injustice and spread awareness among them about the justice institutions. The celebration witnessed the presence of students from Class XI-XII. The assembly was organized by the students of Class XI-A, started with the daily ritual of praying to God and was followed by a beautiful thought to get started with the day. The celebration featured an educational video, which presented the audience with various accounts of injustices faced by people and a quiz, which say active and avid participation of the students. This was succeeded by the students talk, the opinions of the speaker were thought provoking and enlightened everyone present in the gathering. In the end, the respected Co-ordinator for the respective classes addressed the gathering with her words of wisdom and spoke to the students about the theme of the assembly and apprised everyone about the significance of the day. The assembly was dispersed with the customary recitation of the National Anthem after a successful celebration of the special day.



Grade X C presented an assembly on the theme ‘International Nelson Mandela Day’ on 12th  July 21. It was celebrated to deliver information about. The main objective was to encourage students not to just live but strive to make a difference that will make our lives significant for others. The assembly began with morning prayer which calmed our mind. Ayushi with her harmonious voice sang Gayatri Mantra followed by the prayer ‘Natikta Ki Sursarita Main’. Thought of the day by Aadya Agarwal became tag line of the day which says “What counts in life is not the mere thought that we have lived, it is what difference we have made in the lives of others that determines significance of our lives”. International, National, Sports and School news was shared by Tejasva Meel. A video was played which gave us information about Nelson Mandela’s early life, the year when he was awarded with Nobel Peace Prize, the meaning of his name, and who named him Nelson.  This was followed by a  quiz was conducted by Shubhranshu and Harshit to check how much  information students have grasped from the video. It was indeed interesting and informative quiz. At the end participants were given praise batches. Student’s talk was a joint effort who increased the knowledge about Nelson Mandela. First Aryan Shrivastava told about Mandela’s youth life, after that Anand informed about his life as an activist and at last Ayushmaan described about his life as philanthropist. After student’s shared their views, class teacher  Mrs. Vimmi  Baleja enlightened the students  with her precious thoughts. She gave simple tips on how students can bring difference in others life by simple deeds.



Senior wing of Mount Abu Public School, Sector 5, Rohini conducted special assembly to recognize Sports Journalism Day. It is an international day which is celebrated on 2 of every July to acknowledge the work of sports journalists & to encourage them to do better at their work and celebrate Van Mahotsav which is observed from 1 July to 7 July to create awareness among  the people for the conservation of forests and planting of new trees. Anchors of the Day i.e., Sanya Rana & Yashwi Goel started the assembly by welcoming respected Madam Principal, Co-ordinator ma’am , teachers and students and put torch light on the very essence of this special day. It was then followed with the gayatri mantra  sung by Chelsi aggarwal to invoke blessings from almighty.Subsequently,  meaningful thoughts of the day were articulated by Mohak malhotra and Manasvi sinha in English and hindi respectively. Upen Manocha then shared major happenings of the world. Sarthak bansal, shed light upon the importance of sports journalists and also he urged everyone to take care of the environment in his informative student’s talk. It was then followed by an informative and interactive quiz by Shreyans garg. He asked several questions and tested the students’ knowledge on the  topic sports journalism and van Mahotsav which witnessed enthusiastic participation from audience.



The International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking, or World Drug Day, is marked on 26 June every year, to strengthen action and cooperation in achieving the goal of a world free of drug abuse. And each year, individuals like yourself, entire communities, and various organizations all over the world join in on this global observance, to raise awareness of the major problem that illicit drugs represent for society. Theme of the day is to share Drug Facts to Save Lives is the theme of the 2021 International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking aimed to combat misinformation and encourage the exchange of drug facts. From health hazards to solutions to the global drug problem, to evidence-based prevention, rehabilitation, and aftercare



‘No one puts their children in boat Unless water is safer than land’

Class XII C conducted special assembly to recognize World Refugee Day on 18th June 2021. It is an international day which is celebrated on 20 of every June to celebrate and honour refugees around the world. Anchors of the Day i.e., Parul Arora & Deepak Dhaka started the assembly by welcoming respected Madam Principal, Co-ordinator, teachers and students and put torch light on the very essence of this special day. It was then followed with mellifluous prayer ‘Humko Man Ki Shakti Dena’ sung by Nishtha Saluja to invoke blessings from almighty. Subsequently, a meaningful thought of the day was articulated by Shreya Jain. With a knit of few words, she highlighted the plight of refugee and fortitude they possess each day. Sanskriti Garg then shared major happenings of the world including that of school. ‘No one leaves a home unless it is a mouth of shark’ said Vanshika Singla in her students’ talk and unveiled the obstacles a refugee, its family faces and culminated her words praising their valour. An idiom “Easier said than done” is what the class teacher, Aarti Guliani, foregrounded. In her address she talked about theme of the day as cited by UN i.e., INCLUSIVENESS. In this pandemic, it is envisioned their vigour and vibrance will be given a great path and together ,this pandemic and other hurdles will be dealt with.


Assembly on International Tiger Day

'Where tigers thrive, it is a sign that the ecosystem is healthy'

A thematic assembly was organised by the students of classes X A and X B on International Tiger Day. It aimed to promote a global system for protecting the natural habitats of the cat family and to raise awareness and support tiger conservation. Thought of the day, News headlines, self composed poem and student's talk revolving around the threats posed to the most iconic animal on the planet gave a message to act to save the species from getting extinct.



The rich and vibrant festivals of India are a testimony to its diverse traditions and culture. To set a perfect example of secularism, the school conducted a special assembly on Christmas on 20th December 2019. A number of activities were staged to set the festive mood, that included the students talk followed by a beautiful video that showed the importance of festivals which forge a bond of love and companionship and are thus a break from the mundane routine .  A speech on the  prestigious , 'Paramveer Chakra' was also delivered where the students beautifully gloated about the highest military decoration which is received by the men of steel like  Naik Jadunath Singh, Maj. Somnath Sharma etc. who with their supreme and selfless bravery have won the country’s highest wartime gallantry. A special video on Eat Right was also presented which beautifully intended to bring out  the importance of making the right food choices. The students also kept forth  the updates of the daily news. A quiz was also conducted to judge  student’s learning in a fun filled way. The assembly culminated by giving a tribute to the nation.



On 13 December 2019, the school conducted a special assembly on the National Mathematics Day which remarkably endeavoured to extend the knowledge horizons of the students. An interesting quiz was conducted to ensure the practical application of the students’ learning in a fun-filled way .Besides, a riveting video was also showcased to bring out the importance of Mathematics. It rightly laid emphasis on developing logical and critical thinking. Not just this, in the light of the school’s initiative to apprise the students to eat right, the school also brought out the importance of right food choices which are important for maintaining a robust health. Special thoughts in English and Hindi were presented. Recent news was also put forward to enlighten the students of the current happenings around the world and in the nation.  Thus the assembly beautifully concluded by the presentation of a book review of the book ‘Matilda’ by Roald Dahl which was further followed by the National Anthem.



The ethos of ‘Service Before Self’ is what makes an Indian Army stand so distinct. Remembering the magnanimous contribution of the Indian stalwarts, the school conducted an assembly on Armed Forces Day on December 6th, 2019.The assembly began by invoking the blessings of God followed by a Student’s talk in which the students gloated with pride and acknowledged the unflinching loyalty of our Army which has always protected the Nation’s security. The students also sang patriotic songs and paid homage to the unsung heroes for their unparallel contribution.  The versatility, adaptability and the selfless attitude of our fighters was brought forth through a beautiful poem which remarkably showcased the important part they play in our life, which undeniably can not be seen but can only be felt. The Indian Army’s Stellar Role in National Building was also exhibited through an inspiring video that showed how our Army men stand a lonely and silent vigil and often experience daunting challenges and bear the odd weather- the wind swept mountains and the humid jungles just to protect us.  The assembly further advanced with a G.K Quiz and the News for the Day and thus culminated with the National Anthem.



On 6th September a Special Assembly was organised by the students of XI E on International Literacy Day and Respect for Elders. The assembly highlighted the need of spreading the message of  the importance of literacy for individuals, communities and societies and the need for intensified efforts towards more literate societies. The students also shared common and simple ways to Treat the Elderly With Respect and dignity. They highlighted  that instead of treating our elders with the appreciation and respect they deserve, many are often either too busy or simply dismiss them and their contributions to their community and family.



Special Assembly on Raksha Bandhan was prepared by the students of XI B on 16th August that reflected the cultural and religious richness. The student's and the teacher's talk  brought forth the special bond of love and affection between a brother and a sister.



Special Assembly on “Hiroshima Day And Independence Day” was conducted by Class XI A on 9th August, 2019. The students emphasized on the importance of peace by showing a video highlighting the huge destruction caused by nuclear attack on the two cities Hiroshima and Nagasaki. They also generated a patriotic fervor by reciting the poem on Independence Day.




Special Assembly on the topic “World Population Day” was presented by class XII B on 5th July 2019 in order to spreads awareness among the young generation about the consequences of increased population and how they as citizens can help to overcome this problem.



Special Assembly on “Clean and Green Environment” was conducted by Class XII C on 12th July 2019 through which students had created awareness about our duty to keep the environment not only clean but also making it a better place by planting more trees for future generations. Students also took environment pledge for the same.


Special Assembly on World Population Day and World Environment Day

Students of class XI C presented a Special Assembly on World Population Day and World Environment Day on 13th July. It was an informative assembly encouraging students to be aware of various problems arising due to overpopulation and causing harm to the environment.


Special Assembly on Sadbhavana Diwas

The School conducted a Special Assembly on Sadbhavana Diwas, which is celebrated every year on 20th August , to commemorate the Birth Anniversary of former Prime Minister, Shri. Rajiv Gandhi. The idea of organizing this assembly was to inflame the spirit of oneness in the students. It began with a solemn pledge where the students resolved to bring harmony in the country by ending differences through dialogue and constitutional means, without resorting to violence. This remarkable attempt was followed by a brief prize distribution ceremony in which the students were applauded for their exemplary performances in different fields and finally the assembly concluded with the National Anthem



A Special Assembly was conducted on the topic "Swachh Bharat” by Class XI , in which the students remarkably showcased the  message of Swachh Bharat mission started by our respected Prime Minister . The students  highlighted Gandhi ji’s thoughts on cleanliness through students talk.  A street play on the topic Clean Rivers was also enacted on the stage conveying the relevant message ‘stop pollution and think of a solution’. All the students took a pledge to keep their surroundings clean. The assembly was concluded with the National Anthem.


Special Assembly on World Population Day

A Special Assembly was conducted by Class XI E highlighting the theme World Population Day. The Assembly commenced with the invocation to lord followed by prayer.  The children presented the news of the day .The theme of the day  further  got focused when Ankit Rathi addressed the gathering giving facts about how exceeding population is becoming an issue of  concern for all. He  emphasized on the role of youth  in causing awareness amount the people A beautiful and inspirational poem composed  and recited by Tejanshu further lifted the spirit of youth to ignite the minds for a constructive role in the uplift of the society. The Senior Coordinator Madam Rannu Pathak addressed the children and motivated them to be a part of  the active society for vital issues. The assembly concluded with National Anthem as a tribute to the Nation


Special Assembly on “WORLD HEALTH DAY”

A Special Assembly on “WORLD HEALTH DAY”, was conducted by the students of class XII C on 7th April 2017. The assembly began with the famous quote on Good Health and its impact on our character.
Student’s Talk was given on the World Health Day’s theme of the year 2017 i.e. “DEPRESSION”  to spread the awareness among the student that how it has become a common disorder and had engulf 300 million people around the world. The main thrust was to understand the need to rethink the strategies to fight the disorder.


Special Assembly on National Girl Child Day

The students of class XI A conducted an assembly on National Girl Child Day . The students highlighted the importance of girls in our society and how they are conquering the world  with their dedicated efforts. The students also highlighted the inspirational women role models who could achieve great success and thus became an inspiration for all.


Special Assembly on World Disabled Day

Class XII-B conducted the morning assembly on ‘World Disabled Day' on 2nd December,2016. The assembly commenced with a beautiful prayer which enlightened our soul and gave a hope to succeed. Then, students of the class enhanced the moral values by a thought which was followed by the news headlines which made the students aware about the recent happenings around the world. It continued with making students aware about the ‘World Disabled Day' which aimed at bringing a change in the mindset of society.


Special Assembly on Deepawali

Students of class XI and XII conducted Special Assembly on Deepawali which commenced with a beautiful prayer and thought highlighting the importance of pollution free Deepawali. Students were encouraged to celebrate Deepawali in an eco-friendly way. Students were encouraged to follow the anti-cracker movement and were also sensitized with the harmful effects of burning crackers. The assembly winded up with a series of G.K Questions in order to upgrade their knowledge regarding the festival.



World Environment Day was celebrated in school premises where class XI-A was hosting the event. It was Mapians effort to sensitize the world and society about the detoreating condition of mother earth. Students demonstrated an impactful performance of human activities which is a show poison to it. Event marked with a pledge by everyone an effort to let make earth friendly and habitat for all



Class XI-B hosted the morning assembly on 8th May, 2016 on the account of World Population Day. Assembly aimed in awakening people and spreading awareness regarding the need of controlling population exploitation. Students delivered an enlightening talk followed by a beautiful piece of poetry, filled with enthusiasm



CLASS XI-C got a golden opportunity to conduct a special assembly on Parents Day. The assembly commenced with a news update with a beautiful poem and speech narrated by the students on importance of parents in our life. The assembly was summed up with the beautiful words shared by our respected Academic Director Ma'am



Class XII-D hosted the morning assembly on account of World Literacy Day. Assembly aimed at awakening the individuals and spreading awareness regarding the importance of education in their lives. Students delivered an enlightening talk followed by a Quiz, filled with enthusiasm. Mapians tried to sensitize the young generation about the benefits of education by quoting "Reading the Past, Writing the Future." . The day is celebrated specially to rememorize the status of the literacy and adult education to the international community. Senior Coordinator highlighted the difference between being literate & being educated and motivated them to become educated


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